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Kinkyads vs Snapchat

Have you been using kinkyads and or Snapchat and not quite sure what are the differences between the two sites are? Well, we have created a detailed comparison chart below showing the differences between the sites.

Back when craigslist closed their casual encounters Section After the bill was passed by Congress known as the sex trafficking act that was designed to fight online sex trafficking. Both kinkyads and Snapchat saw a void for people seeking casual sex that needed to be filled. Shortly thereafter the race to be the best replacement for the craigslist personals begun.

Both sites, soon after launched but each site took a different approach. Snapchat wanted to just be nothing more than ads while kinkyads took the network approach. So which one is better truly depends on what you're seeking. If your seeking just to post an ad and reply to casual encounter ads then DL might be for you. But if your seeking a bit more than that, such as viewing member's profiles, uploading videos & photos, creating groups or joining groups and commenting on them and of course posting and replying to ads well, then kinkyads might be the better choice for you.

The bottom line is simple, people are seeking to meet for casual sex and thanks to craigslist it was the go-to place to find that sexual encounter. So where do people go now? The choice is pretty simple, either kinkyads or Snapchat or both. Snapchat has the numbers and kinkyads have the features. So the best solution could be both, but soon, kinkyads will blow past Snapchat simply due to the comparisons below.

There are also a few other sites that are not close in comparison so there is no need to list them below. Sites like locanto and Reddit all have sections for ads, but that is only one part of their site.

In closing, everything is not black and white, there is always 50 shades of grey in between. Just have a look at both sites and you just might choose to double your chances of finding that hookup by posting on both sites.

According to Alexa the average time on site is hugely different. Kinkyads average user spends 25 minutes per visit while Snapchat is only 9 minutes per visit. This stat must tell you something as to what site people spend the most time on.

Kinkyads vs Snapchat Comparison
Kinkyads Snapchat
Post Ads Post Ads
Allows for nudity Allows for nudity
Member Profiles Member Profiles
Member Videos Member Videos
Groups & Topics Groups & Topics
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