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craigslist for sex

Who would have thought 10+ years ago that people would use craigslist for sex? The majority of the ads on there and what it was known for was people selling services such as painting, house cleaning, etc, people would also use it for posting jobs they needed to be filled no matter if it was a full-time career or a part-time 1-day gig. 


 At some point, craigslist became the place for casual encounters, massages, and for a period of time, escorts would promote their service in the craigslist for sex area. Up till 2018 when the FOSTA bill was passed craigslist was the main place to go for swingers seeking casual encounters.  


 About 1-2 years prior to the FOSTA bill being passed, Craigslist stopped the escorts from posting on the site after people created the name craigslist for sex. Craigslist never got into trouble like backpage did because they removed the escort ads long before it became law.

So why did craigslist remove the casual encounters section? Was it because they did not like to be known as craigslist for sex? Maybe they just wanted to clean up the site? Not really. 

 They removed it because the escorts would take their business over there and then craigslist would have to monitor that section of the site. This would cost time and money to pay the employees to watch over this section. The issue is that craigslist could not charge for people to post ads as 90% of the people would leave. Also, the business model of Craigslist does not allow for banner advertising so this would cause craigslist to lose money. It is for that reason they removed the craigslist for sex casual encounter section.  

If you ever want to know if people really hookup on Craigslist, then have a look at the following stories.

Now when it comes to backpage that was nothing more than an escort forum. There were no swingers ads to be found for people who were truly seeking a casual encounter. In fact, back page was designed as a pimping site and noting more.


Once Craigslist closed what is know as craigslist for sex aka the casual encounters section, more sites starting popping up. With people having casual sex with strangers more then ever, this will never go away, only become much bigger and who knows, as states like NY prepare to all prostitution We might see these new casual encounter sites start offering escorts sections like craigslist and backpage once did.