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3 Craigslist Personals Alternatives for 2020

Back in 2018 the United States passed a bill to fight sex trafficing known as “The FOSTA” bill. This bill was designed to hold website owners responsible for the conduct that happens on their site.

Most people will say that Backpage fueled this reason this bill was created with all of the prostitution that was going on inside of their site. Backpage basicly allowed any ad to go up with little montering.

Craigslist had also seen a rush of sex workers posting on the site thjat was simpley designed for people who wanted to post personal ads seeking casual sex with strangers aka a one night stand.

With the new bill in place, craigslist decided to remove all ads for casual encounters as they were not profiting from this and to employ more people to monitor these ads when they had no way to monetize it was a waste.

Of course with craigslist closing their casual encounters section, this left a void and there have been tons oversaturation and spammy sites wanting to fill this void. So we thought it would be best to show what we feel are the top three (3) alternatives to Craigslist personals that stand out:


Kinkyads has so much to offer outside of the other sites so lets cover a few features they have that stands out.

No Flagging -
This was a big issue with people on Craigslist, if someone did not like you, they could simply flag your ad and it’s gone. Not on Kinkyads sorry suckers.

Members can post nude photos -
you would this is allowed on all sites but on this list, it’s the only one.

Not just classified ads
Kinkyads is a full social network site, there are groups, topics, profiles and so much more.

No sexual orientation limit
Unlike some sites, kinkyads allow transgenders.


2. Doublelist

The 2nd ranked site is doublelist. Doublelist started back in 2018 and has grown quickly. This site is just ads and nothing more. Yes you have good amount of people on here but there is plenty of issues with this site.

Ads get rejected often - They say their computer reviews ads but their computers must not like kinky people because if your are a couple or a woman you can expect you ad to be bounced 50% of the time.

No nudity - WTF?
Is this not a site for adults looking for casual encounters? But you can’t show much skin at all or you guessed it. They will bounce your ad.

No community -
This is just ad posts to find people and that’s it. No get to know people or what are they into or anything.

If you are a CD or a transexual, doublelist has no place for you
What a shame, they don’t want your ads on their site. Oh well.

The only reason we gave them the #2 spot is due to their member base. Outside of that, there is not much going for them..


3. Reddit

We all have heard of reddit, but did you know reddit has a huge adult casual encounter following? Reddit is the largest website on this list, but not for its adult section. The only issue with reddit is the ads are displayed on a continuous feed. Yes, that means there is only one page and you see the ads all across the country on that one page.

Still, because of the name reddit, no matter what they have, it will be huge so that is why they are on this list, simply due to the size of their client base. There are downfalls to reddit though.

No nude photos -
Again? Really? No nude photos....

One long continuous list -
Post your ad and in 2-3 hours your post is so far down it’s almost not worth it.

No profiles, no search ads -
Just like doublelist, you can only see ads and nothing else. No real social experience.

We have found over 5 more but really not worth talking about on here. Some we see are dating app’s and some are classified sites. We also don’t feel dating sites fit in this list as craigslist was not a dating site. So while the craigslist personals section created a void form hundreds of thousands of swingers and brought tears from their eyes, alternatives have come trying to fill the void and we feel no matter who you are, you are sure to find a home in one of the three sites listed above.