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The Best New Craigslist Personals for 2020?

What Craigslist Personals is and its history

Craigslist Personals was created by Creig Newmark in 1995 and it is a part of Craigslist website. It is a platform in which individuals exchange personal messages and private nature advertisements were shown. It served as a way of e-mail distribution list before internet appeared. This platform offers chances to people to date and sexual meetings were becoming easier, moreover it was very practical for those in search of homosexual relationships. In fact, in 2005 this site was considered as the main leader of sexual encounters between gay partners in its Fransisco Craiglist’s men searching men section and for this reason it was squeezed by the Fransisco Health Department Officials. Thus, it created a link to San Fransisco City Clinic and STD Forum.

The categories on the section included

  • Women seeking men
  • Men seeking men
  • Casual meetings
  • Erotic services
  • Rants and raves
  • Women seeking women, etc

It was in service for as long as it ensured people’s identities because of the site’s security laws.

Adult Services Controversy

Craigslist personals was previously known for its erotic services but because of the improper use of its subscribers, as they promoted negative impacts on society though advertisements on it, so an opposition was designed by its stakeholders. It resulted in the closure of Craigslist Erotic Services in 2009 and the beginning of the adult section services. This decision was reached as a result of the claims of the United States suggesting that the erotic services stimulate prostitution and was eventually closed in 2010 because of the attorney general’s complaints and criticisms that  its advertisements encourages child sex trafficking and prostitution. 

Why Craigslist Personal was shut down  

The passage of the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act ( FOSTA) bill came into force in April 2018 by the UK Congress, which forced Craigslist to stop providing personal information for US domains, specifying that any tool or service may be misused. The law stipulates that the site was responsible for facilitating sex trafficking and prostitution, as its personal advertising department allowed users to promote their activities with sex workers who dominated this category. Not willing to put the platform’s other services in risk, the personals section was shut down in March 2018, as a way of protecting its other services. This closing on the other hand was faced with a strong disapproval from its users, who believed that this site offered them the opportunity to create relationships and meet their partners.

Top 11 replacement and alternatives to Craigslist Personals:

The closing of Craigslist Personals let its subscribers disappointed and a gap in this sector, so its users were in search of other alternative sites, which bloomed after the Craigslist’s closing, to fulfill their purposes of dating and personal sites. These other alternatives are:

  1. Kinkyads

It was founded in March 2018, and became very popular due to the fact that members had access to its list their advertisement and to search other members of the platform free of charge. It offers a variety of services which are indicated to be the same as the Cregslist Personals, allowing its members to fulfill their sexual needs. A unique feature of it was that the members had to sign in before accessing it with a nice designed layout.

Its members had to undergo a verification process which requires personal information such as phone numbers and emails in order to meet the Fostra Sestra Law and not being such down as Craigslist Personals. This platform do not allow users to advertise fake posts, it ban sex trafficking through the recording of all exchanges. It offers its users the choice of the city and the section in which are interested such as:

  • Guys to Guy.
  • Couple to Him.
  • Couple to Her.
  • Women to Women.
  • Couples for Couples.
  • Women to Guys.
  • Straight for Gays.
  • Gays for Straight.
  • Live Chat, Sex education 101 and 201, etc.


The positive points include:

Safety Guarantee: Because of its verification process its subscribers are given a permanent username, which they cannot change it only if they provide another phone number for a new account. More than 5 employees verify and monitor subscribers’ posts and advertisements, thus no spam and fake posts occur. 

Fast response: Because of the large number of its members the posting of advertisements attracts’ fast respond by other users. 


 The selection is not based on special criteria.

2. Flingster Review Article

The biggest question I had for Flingster was how they would be different from any other adult chat site. After all, there are plenty to choose from; so why go with Flingster? Here’s what I found. The sign-up process was easy and fast. In fact, when I was signing up for a free membership, it hardly took any time at all to register. Unlike so many adult dating or chat sites, you don’t have to put in all kinds of personal (or payment) details if you’re just using the free version – that was greatly appreciated.

Both the free and premium memberships are enjoyable to use. It’s easy to be lured in by a free membership, only to discover that the site is almost useless without paid features. Flingster, however, makes sure that their users can enjoy themselves no matter what kind of membership they have. Another plus – the price points for paid memberships are actually quite reasonable.

What’s the average user experience like? Flingster was really clear that my anonymity would be protected; that’s one of their most important features, and they definitely don’t disappoint. Not only do they limit the amount of information that other users can see, but you can use virtual masks to hide your face.

You’ll be randomly paired with chat partners from around the world, and you can flip through the people you’re matched with until you find someone who catches your eye. If you wanted, though, you could use the filters that come with a paid membership; you could also save other users’ profiles if you wanted to chat with them again. Whatever strategy you take, you’ll have plenty of choices – Flingster has thousands of users, and all genders are welcome on their platform.

I rarely found myself waiting on a chat to load. The site’s speed wasn’t quite lightning-fast, but I was still happy with the load times. Flingster doesn’t have an app, but the mobile version of the website is just as user-friendly as the desktop version. No matter what device I was using, I never had to second-guess which button to push, whether I’d accidentally enabled video chat, or how to get around the site. The layout is both convenient and intuitive, so I could focus on the actual chats, not just on navigating them.

The verdict Flingster has solid offerings for both their free and paid memberships; features like their virtual masks, having three different chat options (text, chat, and video), and the easy registration made me feel like they really put some thought into making sure the users were happy. For anyone who’s looking for quick, informal relationships, Flingster could be exactly what you want.

3. Happn App

It is a search mobile-app which allows people to like or dislike other users by judging their preferences. If users agree they can interact with each other.


You only need to install it within 5 minutes and you are ready to interact with other people around you.


Due to the fact that it is a location based-app, its subscribers may not have the chance to find the person they are asking for.

4. Grindr App

It represent the most ideal and modern way of life which continues to expand in other platforms. It tries to create new features in order to influence on society from social to general issues.


It protects people before they go a step further. It is in fact a very helpful tool for gays especially in discriminated areas to recognize who are gays or not. 


It does not offer anything to you, just a wasting of time


Launched on January 19, 2004, OkCupid, is online dating, and social networking site that is based in the U.S. its special feature is that it is addressed to all people such as  pansexual, asexual, gender-fluid, transsexual, and even sapio-sexual.


You can always find someone because of its wide range of people from pansexual to sapio-sexual.


No emotions in this site, just sex.

6.  Hinge App

It is especially designed for people who want to date.


It is so successful as being ranked in the 3rd position in Canada, Australia and USA as people met in this app are married or related.


It is expensive, cost $7 per month for full membership.


It is an online dating service available in 80 countries and used in 20 languages. It counters more than 27 million users. It is also available on Android and IOS making people’s interaction easier. 


It is contemporary and can be used by all ages easily.


Subscribers have to pay when communicate with other in this platform

8.  Coffeemeetsbagel App

It was created by three sisters. The special feature is that each user can interact with a limited number of people. It also offers a piece of information and by which a Facebook research can be done.


Allow users to be informed by their profiles.


The number of people you can communicate is limited so chances to meet a person, too.

9.  Meetme. App

 It allows you to put restrictions on whom do you want to meet, hangout or connect. You can sign in throuth this platform or by Facebook account.


It is free of charge. It also provides games you can play. It has become very popular.


Search function does not function at all. Does not meet the criteria of its use.


Founded in 2006 and it is a dating- focused website. It is considered the most widely used dating services due to its availability in 47 different languages. Badoo offers Android, IOS and Web apps that make its use easier. 


It includes filtration techniques, which do not allows spam content in the site.


At first it looks cheap but ongoing it becomes rather expensive due to the credits you have to buy each month.


It is as most social and dating apps and gives the opportunity to people to communicate. However, in heterosexual matches, only female can make the first step, whereas is same-sex matches both can interact at the same time.


It protects women and allow them to make the first step.


If you are a man, it is difficult to communicate with a lady you like due to this special feature of this app. Moreover, the time for the first exchange is limited only 24 hours. If no steps is made then contact is lost forever.