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10 Best Craigslist Personals Alternatives in 2019-20 for Casual Encounters

Unfortunately, the days when you had casual sex with super hot dates on Craigslist Personals are over, as it is asked to be shut down. Its many users do not know how to act now that their favorite service does not exist.

From the moment that the Craigslist Personals is out of the game, its active users should find some alternatives in order to continue having numerous great experiences like those in Craigslist Personals. However, the fact that there are plenty of other alternatives should make its users feel better.

Its subscribers loved this service as they felt secure to act freely with guaranteed anonymity being its top feature. Certainly several dating sites provide the same services, but nobody may validate its quality and guarantee satisfaction.

Having in mind how much you miss your preferable dating site, we have already drafted a potential replacement list with sites of your choice.

5 Best Alternative Dating Sites for Adult

Living in a world where everything is done through Internet nowadays is a rule, which does not exclude even dating.

With the appearance of Tinder, it was experienced a massive explosion of dating sites, too. However, even though too many sites exist people were confused on what to go for or not.

The satisfying fact in this fuss is that, people could find everything they ever wished. Whether you are a man or a woman, you desire a partner for casual sex, BDSM or threesome fun there are a plenty of good hookup sites providing it to you.

1. AdultFriendFinder

This website constitutes a good replacement for those who wish to experience some adult fun, like kinky threesome or even just a quick fling. It is one of the most known networks being advertised widely across the web.

AFF exists since 1996 and has never experienced any difficulties throughout its functioning; it really confirms the quality work that it does.

Because of its long experience in online dating site and probably possessing the longest one in helping people hook-up in the online environment, in 2007 it was included in the list of top 100 most popular websites in the US.

So, if you are looking for a dating website to use in the comfort of your home, then AFF is one of the top options for you.

2. AshleyMadison

If you want to be free of worries when using dating websites concerning your identity, then AshleyMadison is the case. Its staff claims to keep users information safe.

Firstly, when using this site, it is recommended to use a separate email address when creating an account to ensure complete privacy.

So, when using this website never is asked to be connected through Facebook, Instagram or other social media profile, securing subscribers’ identity in the best possible way.

Another worth mentioning fact about this site is the sharing of personal photos, which may violate your privacy. Finding ways to prevent this from happening, it is introduced an option which blur or mask photos in general and only being accessible by those you want to.

Another important characteristic of this website is its quick reply feature. The initial interaction on dating sites is what matters and usually starting with likes, faces, and similar exchanges.

This gives to its users the opportunity to interact more with those who wants and less or filter out the ones they do not like.


We wished to say that no taboos exist when we talk about BDSM, but that is not fully accepted in our society. BDSM represents a controversial issue in people’s minds, who are not sure what to do with it. is a very specifically oriented website which enables people connected with like-minded partners. During registration subscribers should set gender and interest to be paired up with people accordingly.

This website offers people to be categorised in groups which are focused on specific fetishes, through which they can explore their sexual freedom.

4. OutPersonals

This website primarily is concentrated on networking homosexual guys. Its subscribers are from around the world reaching around 500,000 members. After filling your profile, the website finds your partner based on your preferences. Its members are very active with about 1,000 photo post every week.

The most unique and interesting feature that this website has is the built-in blog posting option and advice lines users may choose to share. Thus experiences, advice and ideas are exchanged and subscribers benefit from reading them.

This trait helps the users to adapt quicker and better when visiting a new platform.

5. Seeking

This site is designed for rich and successful people who are into hooking up for beneficial relationships. Things are very direct and open on Seeking. It concerns girls who want financially stable boys, or boys who want sexually open-minded girls.

This is a well designed and legitimate website offering to people specific dating needs. So, if you are the case why not using Seeking and benefit from it.

Comparing Seeking with Craigslist Personals, it is obvious that it is far from limited option which Craigslist offered. Seeking, on the other hand, can find a partner who suits you.

5 Best Alternative Hookup Apps to Craigslist Personals

Mobile apps for dating have a few advantages. When you want to keep conversation going, it is easier to be done through a mobile phone. It enables you to read and reply messages throughout the day instantly. However, a PC or a laptop on the other hand makes the communication more difficult.

Furthermore, mobile help you remain up-to-date with new people and so better opportunities are created to chat or catch a person you like.

One night stand? Only Yumi comes to mind.

1. Yumi

Yumi is the place where a girl or a boy are having sex and trying any sort of sexual activity comes in mind. You just have to choose one among the four cards on your screen, and click it to flip over. A chance of 50% exists in finf=ding your next casual encounter.

Then, it depends on your preferences.

If you give Yumi a try, you will be surely satisfied and fulfil any sexual fantasy you had ever though.

Finding mates online is becoming widespread among the youngsters nowadays, but this offers more choices for more mature interactions.

Since Yumi guarantee anonymity, its users are expressing their sexuality without restrictions, as Craigslist Personals used to do.

The only steps you have to do are to log in, upload a picture of you and start your adventure. There is not asked to enter personal data, no telephone number or email of Facebook account. It is a picture and a gender identity required to be part of this website.

According to the users, Yumi is truly the best replacement for Craigslist Personals.

2. Happn

Another known choice coming to mind is Happn. The first thing you come across when you visit the site is a message saying that you may interact with people you already know or seen before.

It is believed to be the best option when you have seen someone you liked but never had the chance to talk to. Here comes your chance to interact with them. Grab it.

Happn is more romantic and soft than more websites which offers casual sex. These hookup apps list people who are near and give them a chance to meet by crossing their paths.

Via Happn your dreams cay come true as it facilitates you the possibility to meet with a girl or a boy you really like. This idea is both interesting and appealing. Happn apps can change an impossible situation into a romantic meeting.

3. Grindr

If you are exploring your sexuality and desire to discover new things with a partner who can be trans, bi or gay then the most appropriate social networking app would be Grindr.

People with these sexual preferences encounter huge problems especially when living in small town and chances are limited. In these cases even dating and the search for a partner is considered quite difficult.

Because of this website, people with a different sexual orientation can now find their partner. Grindr helps these people by getting them in touch and at the same time protect them as they may be under threat due to their different sexuality.

The app can be used easily and users are taking their time to find a partner of their liking.

4. Her

Wereher is focused on women. It has reached a community of over 7 million women with lesbians, queers, bois, femmes, and trans to fluid.

Wereher community is quite extraordinary and its community’svariety gives them the chance to find the perfect partner.

The staff of wereher often organises events in order to gather them together and giving them the chance to meet and interact with each other. This is something that dating apps do not provide.

Without trying it you cannot know if it suits you or not. Have a look at ther website and give it a chance. Maybe you like it.

5. SnapChat

It is not a dating app but it is widely used among people.

What can justify this widely use? Reasons are many. Firstly, the balance between females (41%) and males (59%) is ideal. Secondly, the messaging app. is funny to be used.

There exist some features which make Snapchat use more interactive and dynamic. Beginning from filters, animations to gifts and static images keeps users engaged and entertained at the same time. And finally, the option to set a 1 to 10-second expiration date on anything you send the other party makes it perfect for sexting

Due to these reasons, a lot of people tend to use precisely this app to chat up their love interest and engage in relationships, casual or serious ones.

If you miss Craigslist Personals section and you are in search of similar replacements on PC, laptop or mobile, the following websites are good replacement choices for you.

The only thing you are asked to do is to post up and your next casual sex partner is found. However, do not forget that some request personal information so be sure before proceeding with the registration.

Check out our top 7 picks like Craigslist for casual encounters and you are definitely going to find something suitable for your situation.