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5 Best Locations in Denver to have a Casual Encounter

If you are like me and enjoy the art of casual encounters then you will enjoy reading this small write up on where to go to find a local casual encounter.   The items on this list come from personal experience.

5 Best Locations in Denver to have a Casual Encounter

If you are like me and enjoy haveing sex with random people aka the art of casual encounter when you are in Denver then you will enjoy reading this small write up on where to go to find a denver hookup. Finding a friend with benefits in the Mile High City is easy if you know where to look. There are plenty of women looking for men in this town so no matter if you’re looking for a women seeking a man, or just an open minded friend they are all over the metro area. You can’t forget about couples who are seeking couples and bi couples seeking some fun as well the list below is the best places to find denver sex.

For some reason, denver have tons of friends with benefits relationships and the best way to approach this depends on you. Do you want to visit the club or something more private. Are you seeking a man or a woman or maybe spice things up with a couple. The options are endless.

There is a large variety of woman into a solid mix, you have some that want to watch people have sex and you have the other end of the spectrum of woman who like to go to gloryholes for random sex with people they can’t see. Either way you will have a blast in Denver.

1. The Scarlet Ranch

8109 Blakeland Drive
Littleton, CO 80125

When it comes to casual encounters, there is really no better place in Denver than the Scarlet Ranch. This swingers club is in the upscale area of Highlands Ranch, CO and is home to some amazing swinger parties. The best night is Saturday followed by Friday. If you plan on going as a couple, the fee on the weekend is $100 and if you're single it’s $200.

2. The Mon Chalet

12033 East Colfax Avenue
Aurora, Colorado 80010-2819

The Mon Chalet is a 15 min drive down Colfax from downtown Denver. This place is more of a motel with an indoor pool. Not as big as the Scarlet Ranch but it is centrally located. The fees are also much cheaper, you can get a pool only pass for $25. Granted their open area is only the indoor pool and spa so space is tight, but this place is good if you want to try to find a lunch time encounter.

3. Pleasures East Colfax

3490 W Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80204

Pleasures has locations all over the city, but this location by far has the largest arcade and theater. Depending on the time of the day you go, you will see anywhere from 10-100 people in there. Got time at lunch? you just might find a couple there, I have seen it before, same in the afternoon and evening time. There is really no time they don't show up. Plus this location has about 6 gloryholes.

4. Midtown Spa

2935 Zuni St
Denver, CO 80211

The midtown spa is Denver's main spa. Men can go here and get a day pass and depending on the type of room you select will determine your fee. This is a men only spa and even though I have never been inside I have met the owner and they have a good thing going there. Outside area, don't worry, yes its on the main strip in Denver but there are tall walls around it for privacy. Nice in the summer time to hang outside but when it snows, better keep that naked body inside.

5. Romantics

550 W Mississippi Ave unit a
Denver, CO 80223

Romantics is another adult bookstore in the Denver area. This bookstors has an arcade, but they also have a private couples arcade upstairs that only couples can go to. No singles are allowed up here.

So if you are a couple and want to explore another couple then check this place out. NOTE: there is no beds, just about 6 arcade couples booths so you can bounce from room to room if you like. The best time for your chance to find couples is on a Friday or Saturday night. Again thought, they can show up at any time.