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Kinkyads vs. Doublelist: What's the Difference?


The dawn of the internet brought with it more than a technical revolution. It started a new awakening, a new sexual age, the age of the acceptance of casual sex. Hooking up has become the norm. Terms like "Netflix and chill" have become even family dinner table fodder.

To answer the siren call of this newly formed market an entire new industry was created. Online dating puts a whole new perspective on how we choose prospective partners.

Then, the giant behemoth of ad listing sites, Craigslist created their casual encounters section.

Then came new sites like Double list and Kinkyads. But, what sets these new services apart? Here we take a deep dive into Kinkyads vs. Doublelist but first, let's talk about how Craigslist changed the game by setting the stage for anonymous sex to be ok.

Craiglist's Casual Encounters Introduces A New Way to Meet Sexual Partners

Casual sex is nothing new. Look to the free love movement of the 1960s and the party scene of the 80s and you'll see promiscuity abounds. But, the internet brought with it direct anonymity which was very attractive to many people. 

You didn't have to go out to a bar, spend a bunch of money, feign actual interest in someone outside of their great body in order to get them in your bed. You were given the opportunity to write an ad with exactly what you wanted, who you wanted it with, and when you wanted it to go down.

A few emails later and you're knocking boots and satisfying your kinks without the monotony of forced small talk and overpriced booze. But, all good things must come to an end. 

In 2018, Craigslist decided to remove the personals section of their site in the United States. The site had taken on a mind of its own and they could no longer guarantee the safety of its users. So, they decided to shut it down. This left an opening in the market just waiting to be filled. Enter sites like doublelist.

What is Doublelist?

After the removal of the Craigslist personals section, Doublelist aka double list and sites like doublist were created as an answer for the millions of people looking to place ads to hookup online. They started in 2018 and have since grown to over 1 million members.

Doublelist focused on creating the same easy experience that Craigslist users were used to. So they created a very basic site to post personals, browse ads and go. Some of the cities doubli list is focused on are:

  • Doublelist Denver
  • Doublelist Chicago
  • Doublelist Houston
  • Doublelist Phoenix
  • Doublelist New York

The Pros and Cons of DL

Double list has seen a great amount of initial success due to the sheer volume of users. Those missing the casual encounters section flocked to this newfound glory land.

As far as casual sex and swinger sites go DL gets the job done. It's simple and easy to use and it's a great example of one of the great free swinger sites out there.

But there are drawbacks to consider:

  • They doesn't let you post nude photos
  • The admin team can block your post for any reason
  • They will flag around 80% of W4M ads or Couple for anything ads
  • They allow posts from escorts which encourages exchanging money for sex
  • Their customer service is non-existent

These drawbacks have left much to be desired from the site. While you may do great for awhile many users get frustrated with the user interface and begin looking for another option. There are a few other sites out there but they are just clones of Double List.

But, now there is another option, a better option, enter Kinkyads.

What is Kinkyads?

Based on a combination of incredibly popular dating apps like Tinder or Bumble and the simplicity of a personals site like Craigslist, Kinkyads features the best of both worlds.

Kinkyads is a site that seems more like a social networking site than anonymous personal ads. Kinkyads also has tons more features then DL.

Kinkyads allows you to get a sense of the whole person and learn more about them than you could from a simple personals ad. You'll be able to see nude photos and videos and stop worrying about fakes and trolls. We make sure our members are the real deal.

You can even create albums of your own photos and videos to suit every one of your unique kinky aspects. Create one for each of the things you're into and really set yourself up for finding that perfect match.

The Features Are What Set Kinkyads Apart

Kinkyads members can:

  • Create profiles
  • Browse members
  • Email members
  • Upload nude photos and videos
  • Post topics
  • Join Groups
  • And More

It gives you an enjoyable experience while helping you meet some hot partners. It offers the social aspect along with fulfilling your fantasies.

Among swinger dating sites Kinkyads also stands out because it is a swingers site run by actual swingers. There is no corporate big whig sitting in an office who has no sense of this environment. We know how to run a site like this because we use sites like this. We know what is missing in the market and what we wanted from a casual encounters site. 

We have clear cut rules on posting so we don't have to stay in the grey areas and constantly flag your posts. We want you to stay and play not get frustrated and click away. We also have a customer service team that can solve any issues you're experiencing.

Did we mention there are actual nude photos of members? Can't play any lighting tricks when you're completely in the buff. You'll be able to see the full picture of who you're meeting before you show up at their door.

Kinkyads Vs. Doublelist

Craigslist gave the fuel and lit the fire to spark the casual sex revolution. Now that Craigslist isn't viable a new option had to be born. People will continue looking for casual sex online but, where can they find it now?

Well, most will go to one of these two services. While DL has the advantage of more numbers their customer service is awful and it's not user-friendly at all. Over half the time your ads will be flagged or not even posted, to begin with.

Kinkyads offers the familiarity of a social networking site with the benefits of a personals service. You get to know more information upfront about the people you're potentially meeting. You get a fuller picture of who someone is before meeting them in a hotel room.

You can message members right from within the site so there's no risk of compromising your personal inbox with potentially inappropriate content when seen by the wrong set of eyes. 

Both of these sites are 100% focused on casual encounters but appeal to different groups of people looking for those hookups. At the end of the day, the choice is up to you. Just remember everything is not black and white, there are always 50 shades of grey.

The Choice Is Yours So Get Out There and Spice Up Your Sex Life

There are pros and cons to each of these sites. The best part about them both is that they are free. 

There may be elements of both Kinkyads and Doublelist you like. Why not try them out and make an informed decision? While we are partial and think Kinkyads is the cats meow you might also enjoy the straightforward ads focus of Doublelist. We aren't ones to yuck your yum.

What else is great? You can be a member of both platforms. Stay and play awhile and figure out which works best for you or keep on with both and have tons of fun.

So if you are seeking to add some spice up your life, then you might want to give Kinkyads a try and post an ad. I mean, yeah, DL is good and it wouldn't hurt to post on there but, if you are seeking to find someone amazing then register on Kinkyads and create your detailed profile.

Make sure you list all of your kinks that you are into so anyone browsing your profile will see it and if they feel you could be a good match, they will reach out to you and shoot you an email. So sit back and get ready to have some kinky fun.

Intrigued? Ready for some action?

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