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Asexuality - The Meaning Behind This Term

by The Owner 49m ago
Asexual woman with shirt

Asexuality, what is it and what does it mean for your relationship?

Asexuality is best defined as a lack of sexual desire, which is different from celibacy or abstinence (where a person experiences the desire to have sex but chooses not to.) There are many common misconceptions about asexuality and people who identify as asexual. To address a few, asexuality is not a mental health disorder, nor is it a result of old age or a side effect of any kind of medicine. It is not a phase, but an ori...

What exactly is Flirtationships?

by The Owner 1h ago
Sext woman texting

Flirtationships aren’t entirely new but they’re more popular and essential than ever. They can be the gateway to something more serious with a little bit of finesse. A flirtationship is a great bridge between meeting online and meeting in real life. According to a Pew Research Center report released earlier this year, more than 30% of American adults say they’ve used a dating app. 12% found a long-term partner online. If you’re ready to make new friends, show interest i...

7 Ways to Have an Open Marriage that Doesn’t end in a Nasty Divorce

by The Owner 1d ago
Open Marriage Couple
The concept of an open relationship is not terribly new. Swingers have been around for decades, largely starting in the seventies. And more and more as the concept of what a truly monogamous relationship is becoming more fluid, opening up to the possibility of having multiple partners becomes increasingly common. 

The nature of why couples expand beyond just the two-person dynamic has to do with fulfilling a need. And while it is often that most basic of carnal desires, sometimes the nee...

How to find your first casual encounter

by The Owner 5w ago
Woman seeking casual encounter

So what is it about the Casual Encounter, and why are so many people drawn to it? Why do so many people keep this hidden part of their life in the closet? Well, Casual Encounters have been around for decades. Before the internet, there were stories of the milkman, and they are 100% true.
There was no real name Casual Encounters until Craigslist personals labeled it Casual Encounters, and the rest is history. Casual Encounters then started to blow up with the internet providing people fast and...

Cuckolding what is this fetish really about

by The Owner 6w ago
Cuckold couple
The term "Cuckolding" is a sexual term you might have started to see a popup on the internet and on shows such as Ray Donavan but do you really know what it means? As the world becomes more aware or starts to accept different types of monogamy, polyamory, and just about everything else in between, people are starting to become more and more open to these terms about such as cuckolding. So, we decided to create the 411 and give you everything you need to know.
What is Cuckolding?
The term ...

Dating men as a sex worker

by The Owner 6w ago
Escort with man

Buzz, buzz. My phone vibrated. Out of habit, I immediately checked my notifications. At the top appeared my latest Tinder notification.“Tyler sent you a message.”Also out of habit, I rolled my eyes, swiping the notification out of sight... Here we go again.Why was this my reaction? I wondered silently to myself, tossing my phone back on the dressing room counter. I had casually been on Tinder for several years since undergrad but had never engaged in a serious, stable relationship ...

The Men Behind Backpage Heros or Villains?

by The Owner 6w ago founders on trial
Michael Lacy's father once told him “Whenever someone pokes at your chest, you grab that finger and you break it off.”   This was a sign of tough love as his father wanted no one to mess with his son and to get away with it. Michael Lacey spent his childhood in the 50s where he was looked at as a bookish, bright, boy. His father, who would not surprise you to know was an enforcer for a New York construction union a bad boy, did not have much time for Michael’s intelle...