Zoosk vs Kinkads – Who is Better for 2021?


First of all…..take heed to the fact that Zoosk is a unique sort of dating app in the sense that you can connect it to multiple social media accounts as a means to verify who the heck you are — just like proving your credentials in a job background check or simply verifying your ID. Same deal. Different color. So to speak…..

The Zoosk Sign – Up Process Itself

One might say this is both the quickest and easiest part of the whole experience, and one would not be lying. “A walk in the park” is how some have described it. And all it takes is a mere 3 to 5 minutes of your time. It values your time, or up to 10, at max. 

To get started on Zoosk, make sure you have a smartphone or iOS phone that is able to work with this app and either of the two app stores ( Apple App Store or Google Play Store ) can let you know if it runs from your device. Just search your respective app store for Zoosk, and if the app pops up by its name ( you might have to scroll down just a little bit ), then download it.

Once you’ve got it up and running, the first bits of information it is going to ask from you, in order to proceed with your registration and usage, are basic bits like your date of birth, your zip code, your email address —- then it emails you an activation link. Click on it in the email to verify your account, officially. Then you’re in business!

Zoosk can also send you a code by phone, if you prefer that means instead, which you can then use ( or even in addition to verifying your email address ) to verify your phone number and login that way as well. If you want to add further verifications in this process, and thus increase your visible public profile credibility here, you may also connect both Twitter and Facebook by logging in with these accounts. The more data you can aim to provide, the further you will be able to prove that you are a real human being and avoid being ‘red – flagged’. 

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The Experience of the Connection – The REAL Reason You Came to the App in the First Place

You don’t even have to upload your profile pic or any photos at all on Zoosk if you do not feel like it. This is always a plus and helps you get straight to the meat and potatoes of the matter — actually finding people and sending them messages, hugs, hearts, invites to connect and so much else. 

Membership Insights

With over 20 million U.S. users alone ( a number that is constantly in upward progression even as we speak, which might be well into 30 million by next week as we know it )Zoosk adult dating app is not doing bad at all. And I do say “adult” simply because it’s main user base consists of profiles of people aged anywhere from 25 to 34, all in all, a diversified range of mid-level professionals from all over the country. Out of most profiles seen on Zoosk, nearly all have been active or semi-active on a monthly basis. And that alone tells you that both the traffic and ongoing activity in this app is quite high indeed, which is always a good sign. 

The Whole ‘Male – to Female’ Ratio & Vice Versa

There is a higher male ratio on Zoosk. That is not unexpected. It’s common across several dating apps. Most males that use this app are between the ages mentioned though you will also see a few from 18 to 24, as well as some between 35 and 55 years of age, not to mention a very few select other groups ranging of seniors 55 and over ( less than 10 % of the app’s overall user base, though ). 

Profile Tips

– Validate your profile. This ensures to you, to the app’s support and IT team, and of course, to the many other users, that you are serious and not a spammer.

– Fill out as many of your personal hobbies and interests as you possibly can — the more detail, the better as it allows potential matches to be found and to know who they are looking at. ( Do not write out an entire essay, though, try to keep some brevity and concision to it as well ) . 

– Be honest and forthright.

More on the Zoosk’s Internal Structure

You get two special sorts of match – maker options from within this app : One is known as Smart Pick ( connected to the Match function, one of Carousel’s two suggestions, the other being Meet ) and the other is called Carousel. Many value the fact that you can get matches picked out for you in a very unique way through the Smart Pick : It’s all based on an algorithm that studies your user behavior. The more you engage it, thus, and the app as a whole, the more accurate and on – point your matches may be at the end of the day — neat, no? But how does this work, exactly?

Well, every time you search in the search box, it tracks that data. Every profile you look it, and its similarities to others you have viewed before, is also assessed. Every time you send a smile or a heart, and to whom you send it, the app is keeping track. 

With Carousel, it’s just a little bit different but no less engaging. Zoosk sends you randomly, instant profile suggestions, and you can basically answer with a yes ( or a checkmark ), a no ( or an x ), or a maybe, based on your interest in the person presented.

The Zoosk Cost

This app primarily works within a unique three – tier payment structure and allows its user to pick whether they would like to opt – in for a 1 – month membership, a 3 – month membership, or a 6 – month membership. The latter one listed, of course, is by far the cheapest, at only $12.50 a month yet the full 6 – month dues must be paid upfront. The total for this is appx. $75 plus any sales tax that gets added on. 

To get the 3 – month membership, one must pay the full $60 plus tax upfront as well ( which accounts for 3 payments of $20 a month each ) . The 1 – month membership is just $30 but only gets you 30 days of full access to things, and then you can auto – renew, cancel or manually renew as needed. 

As a side note, you can also buy coins from within the app. These are to help you do specific things in the app or send gifts. You can either get 180 coins ( at a cost of $20 ) or 480 coins ( for $40 ) . Notice : If you get 480 coins, you save some money as well.

Actual Zoosk User Reviews 

Many have posted actual online reviews in several places. I encourage you to check them out. Most are positive, stating that they were able to get further in the app through not only validating their profile in more ways but also through spending more on coins and messaging more people in their area. Glitches are few, apparently, as is not the case with other apps that constantly freeze or malfunction, resulting in having to restart and re – login. That’s a plus.

Countless users have also commented on the relative ease of using the whole app, all in all, praising its straightforward user experience, even for those who are brand – spanking – new to app dating. The appealing visual design of each menu inside the app was also a key feature that has been mentioned, time and time again, across different groups of satisfied users. That said, everything is both easy to find and colored nicely, displayed just right. 

It is easier than ever to simply access all the contacting features of Zoosk, both paid and unpaid, which are all neatly listed together just on the left side of the screen ( if one is in the main menu ). Right under that menu, one may see the bottom menu, which holds a quick click to upgrade their subscription at any time. You get nice additional drop-down menus throughout your usage, as well, and not to mention terrific right – hand – side menus with features in certain areas. 

In addition to all this, tons of success stories themselves are featured on the app, as well, written by real users who could not keep silent on their amazing experience. These range from an enormous network. They include past and present profiles of real people who have had some success here. 


When did Zoosk get started, and by who?

Zoosk, Inc. would be the official parent company to Zoosk, and it all get started in 2007. So the app has nearly  15 years of being on the market. Since then, designers and manufacturers have been able to test a wide plethora of its many functionalities in order to make it far more user – friendly and exactly what its users today really need. 

How old do I have to be to use this app?

To use this app, one must be an official adult. Anyone of the age of 18 or older is permitted to register. That is the U.S.’s national definition, technically, of “a legal and consenting adult” or person of age.

What is the cancellation policy like in case I want to cancel a certain membership I activated earlier?

It’s very easy and simple. All you would need to do is go into your account settings and cancel from there. If you are a premium user, just rest assured that your premium features will still be no less fully accessible to you until that current cycle ends. 

Is there a way to de – activate my profile and account in case I ever get tired of it or need a break? 

Yes. Go into your account settings, from which you will click on “Account Status”. Then, select “Edit”. See where it says to deactivate your account? Select that, and done! 

Is blocking a function that is offered here, to block someone I no longer wish to make any communication with? 

Yes. You may certainly block someone. You may report them as well, and explain what they have said or done and anything abusive will be looked into as well. Look through that person’s profile page : You will see a Report / Block option. Click that.

What is the Dating Insights feature that this app so happily mentions? 

It’s basically a summatic report. It shows you every interaction you have had while using the app. 

Have any question we did not cover here? Please hit us up directly! 

Final Word

On Zoosk, one can register and create their profile quickly and easily to get started, and not have to swipe or even provide personal payment info. at that point, it’s a good way to start. The app offers a great way to check it out with no pressure and see if it’s right for you. And with more than 20 million people active in the U.S. on it, and growing, it’s certainly on the rise as a trending new dating app. 

And since the screens and their menu design are not rocket science at all, it makes things easier. If you’d like to save and pay $12.50 a month, go for it. Pay the $75 upfront. 


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