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Top 6 Reasons Why Housewifes Should Fear Sluts (2020)

WHY WOMAN SHOULD PROBABLY STOP CALLING OTHER WOMEN A SLUTS OR WHORES. It is a known fact that here in America, it is acceptable for men to be highly sexual. A man who has sex with lots of women is seen as a stud by most men. On the other hand, a woman who does the same thing is seen as a “slut” by most woman, why is that? The use of the term ‘slut’ has different meanings, depending on who you ask. For example, if a woman calls another woman a slut, she could be shaming her, and for men who call a woman a slut, again depending on who you ask, it could be a reward or praise to his woman. “You’re my dirty little slut” So you can see if another woman said that to a woman, would feel the tension there, but if your husband told you that, most likely, you as the wife would feel good inside. Why traditional women hate sluts? slut wife in walmart Have you ever gone to Wal-mart or Home Depot and seen a woman walking through the store with no bra or a see-through shirt and thought what a slut? What makes her a slut? is it because of the way she dresses or how she carries herself? Should a woman who likes to get the attention of other men be classified as a slut? It’s not like she is trying to steal your man. Maybe its because she is “carefree” and doesn’t care about what people think about her and for some reason you as a woman want to get there but can’t so you get mad. The true reason is simple, an offense is the best defense. Women have created this environment whereby they can be called a slut any time they step out one foot out of their house, and nowadays you don’t even have to leave home, if you post an image online, you can be thought of as a slut. Often, when a woman calls another woman a slut, it’s because they are uncomfortable with where they are in their own sexuality. The easiest way a woman can represent herself as a “good girl” is by labeling another woman as a “bad girl”. But why is she seen as a “bad girl”? Is it because women know that the “bad girl” gets more attention? Woman want the bad boy right? Maybe you know that your husband will stare at her and that bothers you, or perhaps you think why she can dress that way and you can’t. These days, women are complaining about how they are seen as a good woman yet can’t find a good man or their husbands left them for a slut. Why are all the good women being ignored? Instead of pointing fingers at the so-called “Sluts” or “Loose Women” of the world as the problem, one needs to find out what they are DOING RIGHT that’s landing most of the good men and getting your husbands attention. Now the term “Sluts” as society likes to call them is seen as morally bankrupt, yet there is one thing they are great at doing, and that is knowing how to satisfied a man’s ego. They know what men want and are not afraid to venture down that path to make that man feel valued and respected. Perhaps, this explains why some of the “Good Men” leave their comfortable houses and their beautiful wife’s to seek refuge from a slut who respects and values him. So what exactly is a slut? According to, A slut is a woman who has many casual sexual partners. TOP 6 REASONS HOUSEWIVES SHOULD FEAR SLUTS We have interviewed over 100 men on kinkyads to see why they are drawn to sluts. 1. Carefree Woman Are Sexy. woman carefree Any man who has been married or with a woman for some time knows the feeling that he gets when it’s time to go somewhere. The wife just can’t toss on pants, shirt, and a ball cap. She must put on a bra, well because society tells her to, then do her hair and make sure she has make-up. Then the comments start rolling in. I hate this shirt; this makes me look fat. Yes, men have repeatedly said how they wish their spouse would just be carefree and toss on the ball cap and go. So, when a man sees a woman in something as simple as a braless shirt pass by in the store, it’s not viewed as a woman might think. If your wife is with you and she sees her, she might be thinking you want her tits and will feel that’s all you are thinking about now. As for myself, when I see a braless woman in the store, I am at the point where I just want to walk up to her and say “thank you for being you” Yes, I think a braless woman is sexy, but more so, I feel her carefree attitude is 100x sexier. 2. Teasing Effect braless slut Most women who go braless are not trying to tease anyone, but some women do it for that reason, but it’s not called teasing, it’s called exhibitionism and is seen as a fetish. In previous decades, when a man would stare at another man’s wife, this would be seen as a sign of disrespect to the husband. The same could be said for younger people in their 20’s where jealousy runs wild. The statement “time heals all wounds” is a fact, what you might not have known is time also cures jealousy. As we age, we get less jealous of things, and that is why you will find lots of men who like to show off their wives for other men to see. I love when I go out with my wife, and she has to bend over to get something, and because her breast are a poky A cup, you can always see down her bra at her nipples, and I have told her before to go bend over to grab something from the shelf in front of a man just to get the arousal. It’s nothing more than pure fun, and according to our survey, 84% of men said when they see that, they wish their wife would do that as well, become accident-prone. 3. Sluts Are More Openminded sexual fantasies chart All women indeed have fantasies, but the main difference between a normal wife and a slut is that one will always keep the fantasy in their head vs be more open to living out their fantasies. Face it, we all have pillow talk from time to time, or we did. At some point in your life, you had pillow talk with someone during sex where you both would roleplay. For myself, my wife would talk about how she would fantasize about sitting in part with no bra and panties on and let the men who walk by touch her if they wanted. That is one that gets her off every time, so we play on it. Now having her do it is something else entirely as she would think it to death. Does this guy like me? does he think my breasts are too small? How does it start? Does he know me? By the time she processes it all, she has self-killed the idea. This is why men love openminded woman, someone who has ideas and are very open to trying them out. For example, we live in Castle Rock, Colorado, and I met this one woman about two years ago who is very open-minded. She told me that she wanted to visit an adult arcade glory hole because of all the men who go there. So one day, I took her, and we had to stop by the bar first for a drink or two, but she did it. We went in, and she played with a few men through the hole in the wall, and she said she had a fantastic time and would never forget it. I guess she did as I ended up taking her back 4-5 more times over the next two months before she had to attend nursing school in California. 4. Bringing Others Into The Bedroom Most men have had thoughts of having a threesome with their wife and another woman or a couple-swap aka swingers. Again in most cases, this is nothing more then pillow talk at best if you dare bring it up. For a slut, they are more open to being with other women and couples. She would not see it as a slap in the face if you asked for it, she might just say, I’ve been waiting for you to ask me. Being with another woman does not mean he does not love you; it merely means he, like the rest of us, enjoys something different every now and then. You can only eat at Perry’s Steakhouse so many times before Chilis starts to sound amazing. 5. The Cuckold Experience slut sign wife A cuckold is a man who encourages his wife to have sex with other men because it pleases him. So why do men love cuckolding? There are many reasons why cuckolding is loved by so many men. One reason is the submission factor whereby the cuck is essentially submitting to another man in taking over his role in the bedroom with his wife. The pleasure the husband gets comes from giving up that power in sexually pleasing his wife over to someone else. Then there is the jealousy aspect; it’s the happiness that the husband gets by seeking his wife enjoying herself. This often happens by people in polyamorous relationships where it describes the same feeling they get in seeing their spouse courting another person. In the cuckolding world, happy feelings come from watching your spouse being sexually pleased by another person. Watching your spouse have sex with another person prompts a biological response causing you to have more prolonged and more vigorous sex than usual. This urge often results in the husband known as the cuck ejaculates harder, having much more sperm in their ejaculation. Therefore allowing a much shorter recovery time between his erections. Hence, he is ready to go at it again a lot sooner. Sexual jealousy is very intense, motivating, and very arousing. Some researchers feel that jealousy is seen as a huge factor in fueling sperm competition and helps gets him ready for his wife. Humiliation plays a significant role in cuckolding. It stems from the ridicule the husband is likely to feel when his wife cheats on him. 6. Open To Sexual Terms tie wife up Sluts are more commonly open to sexual terms such as transexuals, crossdressing, pegging, edge play, clean up, age play, top, bottom, roping, etc. With that comes more openness to play in these different realms. A slut might like to try things like nipple clamps, be tied up, and or using a strap on with their husbands. THE CONCLUSION As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for men to be drawn to slut’s, and slut’s are just as attractive to the men who support their wants and desires. For the ordinary housewife that does not see this way, there is nothing wrong with it, and if your sex life is blah at best, then you might want to try something, even if just going braless to the store and take a pic on your phone and text it to your husband, you will for sure be in for some great sex that night. Again, for men, it’s at the forefront of their minds, and for some woman, it’s a life deep within them sleeping that needs to be awakened. MY WIFE WAS THAT VANILLA WOMAN When I first met my wife, she was that vanilla person, and she knew I was anything but vanilla. Over the years, she started transforming, not where I want her to be yet but making significant progress. As I said, we live in Castle Rock, Colorado, in an area that you would call a typical suburban community, and I love watching her go out and tease the locals. Every once in a while, when walking along the trails about dusk behind Founders, she would be braless like below, and it’s incredible how often men walking alone would stop and talk to us. I get why obviously, so I would ask them if they would like to touch them, and when they say yes, I let them play with them for a min when no one is around. Again a huge turn-on for everyone, so why not do with your spouse? Now I would love to see your comments below, your post is 100% anonymous, just use a fake name, but just post something!