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Who’s Better in 2021 – eHarmony or Kinkyads?

eHarmony is a website specifically utilized to help its subscribers find quality, and long term partners for its users. Using highly tested algorithms, that can help slim down a potential match to the most compatible partner for the customer. The focus of eHarmony is to help its users find love and everlasting relationships for its members globally. Since its incarnation in the year 2000, the website has successfully provided dating services, that has lead to long-lasting, and euphoric relationships all across the world. The website was founded by a seasoned clinical psychologist named Dr. Neil Clark Warren. His goal was to assist people in their search for everlasting happiness and love. The site has been so successful that it can now be reported that it creates millions of relationships a day, with thousands of these relationships leading to the couples being married. The reason for the success of the website is that, the focus of matching people is to have the relationship long-lasting, and committed to a future together. Not only has the website focused on the psychology of the relationships, but also continue to use science, and differentiating metrics to show the customers what makes for a connection, and its longevity. eHarmony banner The diversity of the website, allows new members to have an extended amount of options to choose from. In fact the membership level is so high that its been calculated at 66 million subscribers in 200 million different countries across the world. When it comes to the demographics of eHarmony, they are quite diverse. In fact, the male to female ratio is very similar, with only 6% more males then females. The age range of the members on this website are between the ages of 25-34, and the members are vigilant in finding a life partner. eHarmony is also utilized for people looking to finally settle down, and potentially build a family. So basically, this is not a hookup website, so people looking for something outside of that, they have come to the right place. This is also shown in the profile building portions of the website. It is clear that when you are a user of eHarmony that your intention is far from simply looking for a one-night stand. It is a specifically detailed website focused on finding everlasting love, and its users would not take the time to go through the process that it takes to set up their account if this wasn’t the case. eHarmony Membership In order to get the full benefits of this application, you also need to utilize the premium services. By upgrading to premium, the chances of finding a partner are significantly higher, and the chances of serious relationship are also heightened. As stated above, the sign-up process takes substantially longer than a majority of other relationship websites. The idea behind that is to ensure that a correct partner is matched and that before the user is able to look for someone that the website is well versed in what will work for them. On the sign-up page, you have the option to sign up through your Facebook account, or by an email address. However, you decide to sign up it is still required afterward to take tests that will set you up based on personality traits and questions that you answer. These tests are set up in a situation way, such as questions like, “how would you react to someone that does this?” eHarmony also asks about your physical attributes as well, which you can choose to include. This information can range from height and weight, to other physical qualities that you would prefer in a mate. Creating a Profile This process alone can take over 10 minutes, and then from there you can choose whether you would like to put a profile picture on your account. Of course doing so will significantly heighten your chances with other potential partners, as they have a basis as to what you look like, so this can be very important. Although the connection features can seem small, as long as you are a premium member, you may use the message features to stay in contact with a potential match. Our advice would be to simply get engaged in conversation, and when the timing is correct to request a date. This would seem like a logical process, and if the person is giving their time of day, the intrigue has at least begun. This is why the premium feature is so important, because if you are using the free feature, you are only able to utilize the five generated questions that you have, and you may not also reply other then winking, or adding to a favorites list. Therefore, you are super limited if you do not have the premium services, but a majority of members who are serious are not free users. A major point to also state is that you will not be able to view all the people that are currently online, as this is not offered to you on the free service. Think of it as a trial period for people that just are looking to see a house, but not interested in buying it at this time. With premium services, it is closer related to the analogy of someone that is simply waiting on the approval of a loan to purchase a house, with the loan being a potential serious mate. A fantastic feature that is also offered is the filter option, where you are able to narrow your searches down by age, city, as well as location. This allows someone that maybe would prefer to find a relationship with someone in either a close perimeter or maybe even a place that the user is considering moving to. How to Find A Date Similar to social media, the more you put out their the more potential matches you are likely to get. That is why the website puts a priority on answering the registration questions, and also makes them very detailed for the user’s convenience. This is essentially a helping tool for each user to find a mate quicker, and more efficiently. There is also a section where you are able to discuss yourself or an “about me.” This will help narrow down your options as well because while so many people hate smoking, some people may not mind, etc. Amongst many things, there is also a compatibility option on the website, this will also take out potential relatable partners for the user. There are a significant amount of characteristics that you can find on this section of the website. It includes everything from social values, to romance, to emotional intimacy, etc etc. There is also a question and answer section that allows you to review other people’s answers to see how they relate to yours. With the premium option, right after you have completed your answers you can see potential partners’ answers, and compare them to yours. eHarmony App The design of the app is very simplified, and this was intentional to allow for easy navigation on the website and to not overly stress the user. This allows for the person to easily contact any of its potential matches at any time of any day. The profile pictures are only visible if you have the premium option. This gives the personal incentive to join the premium option, and also shows that most of the members are serious, as they typically choose this option. Going on with the design, it is very minimal in nature, with a non-premium member only able to see a person’s name, city, and age under a barely visible photo. While the website is not dated in any way, it certainly doesn’t focus on design, it allows its members easy navigation. This appears to outweigh the need for a glamorous appearance. To put it frank, the focus is on the client finding what they are looking for and being satisfied by the service that they are paying for, rather the appearance of the website. If you are looking for a pretty website, eHarmony is probably not for you, if you are looking for a long lasting relationship, this is the place. As for distractions, such as advertisements, unfortunately, these are found on the eHarmony page, as they are found on basically any page these days. Of course, these are all mostly based on searches that have been made in the past by the user, but like anything, this does not distract from the goal of finding a relationship. eHarmony Costs and Prices The pricing system of eHarmony, while more expensive than others, is very generous, since it is very common for people, to not only find a partner but as proven by the statistics a potential marriage. The breakdown is as follows for six months, it would cost you $9.98, and $59.90 total. For twelve months it would cost you $2.99 a month, or $35.90 total, and lastly, twenty-four months would cost you $1.08 a month, or $25.90 total. These are all split into categories, in chronological order, light, plus, and extra, with the incentive being cheaper overall price being cheaper for a longer service period. One of the cheeky options that eHarmony offers is “special features”, this can include sending different things to catch a potential matches attention. This can include anything from a basic question to a smile emoji under one of your interests profile photos. You may also add someone to your favorites list to showcase interest, and an even more interesting “what if” option, that allows you to go outside of typical preferences. Sometimes customers are surprised on people they end up being attracted to outside of their usual preference. There is also a video date option, which is basically self-explanatory, and allows you to speak to a potential partner by video chat. In the covid-19 age, this allows people to still communicate from their home, and build a connection together. Lastly, we would look to go over some frequently asked questions. A lot of people are skeptical with any websites these days, as many of them are in fact scams. Luckily, there are still sites out there like eHarmony that have lasted due to its loyalty to its customers. A typical question is whether eHarmony is just safe, for serious dating, and how it is used. eHarmony is luckily a verified website used for people looking for serious relationships, but just like anything else, we welcome any person that is curious to give it a try. In closing, if you have any sort of skepticism, we advise you to feel free to review any past reviews for further clarification. eHarmony is proud to represent its customers, and help them find the love that they have been looking for. Just like any other subscription, the customer is more than welcome to cancel if it is not for them. What we can say in our defense is that we have millions upon millions of satisfied customers, and believe in our goal to help people find everlasting love!