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USASexGuide vs Kinkyads – What Site Is Right For You?

If you ever been in the market for an escort on sites like usasexguide or the former backpage.com, then you know the search can be limitless, and with all the back and forth texting, you need to start days in advance to get the escort you want at the time you want her.

Even with all that work you put into finding the right escort, the communication back and forth, and setting up the meeting, there is still no guarantees that she will even show up, meaning without any notice, you could be out of luck.

Not only is this very frustrating, but it’s a massive waste of your time, especially if you are a married man and have limited time to cheat on your wife or have an overnight business trip, where your free time is not as limitless as she might think.

For example, if you have a time set at 8 pm and 7:50 pm, the escort sends you a text saying she can’t be there till 11 pm. Again, such a huge disappointment.

Finally, she shows up, but it’s not over; you still have to be careful that you don’t get robbed. Being robbed by escorts happens more times than you think. How many married men do you know will file a police report saying their escort stole from them? Hmmm, it might not go so well back at home once the wife finds out!

We felt this was a great time to create a list of the top 10 tips for picking an escort in 2020 on sites like usasexguide.

What is USASexGuide?

USASexGuide is a review site where people who are seeking to find escorts, massages with happy endings, streetwalkers, etc can come and read things like where to find them, cost, reviews, and more.

This site is not really an escort advertising site like you will find on adultlook, but it’s more designed as a guide as to where to go and who to see and reviews type of site.

The site is organized by state, then inside each state is a set of categories that includes:

– Streetwalker reports
– Massage parlor reports
– Escort reports
– Strip club reports

USASexGuide Streetwalkers Report

This section of the site is for men who have or are seeking to find and have sex with streetwalkers. This is the bottom of the bucket when it comes to escorts. These girls will be in the range of a Grade D-F when it comes to quality. Yet, on the flip side, they are the cheapest to hook up with. Some will even give you head for $5 bucks.

These women are also not the cleanest, they don’t shower between each john they see and more than likely have drug problems.

Streetwalker hollywood

The streetwalker movie we all love, Pretty Woman Don’t kid yourself here. If you think you’re going to find a Julia Roberts on the streets waiting for you then good luck with that idea.

If you do, then you won the lottery, but odds are you will spend all your gas, and energy with nothing to show for it, just ending up back at home still hard with no relief in sight except the same old pornhub.

In this section of the site, men will post where they found the streetwalker, what street corner, what they charged, and what services they offered. They also go into detail about if it was a rushed job or she took her time.

As you read through the post, you will soon see some of them talk in “code,” it seems, especially when talking about price and services. Don’t worry though, there is an abbreviations section to help understand the lingo.

USASexGuide Escort Reports

USASexGuide Grade AAA Escorts

Grade AAA Escorts – Starting at $300 and up!

This section is the same as the above streetwalker reports, but it’s a step above in the quality of women. You are no longer seeking as much of the crack whores who patrol the streets looking for drugs and sex for money. Not to say Escorts don’t but you will never see a Grade AAA escort walking the downtown streets of LA looking for some action.

Of course, most of these women have a place or will come to you offering incall or outcall services. When looking online for an escort, you mostly will find Grades C-AAA, the best of the best. But with this, there is also a price hike from the streetwalkers. Odds are you will not find a Grade A escort willing to give you head for anything less than $100 and the higher the grade the more costly they are and the less they will do.

As you move up to the A-AAA range, this is the type of escorts you want to show off, tell your friends you fucked her and keep them as your regulars going forward. Also, it seems, the higher grade of escort you select the more unlikely you will be able to go bare. That is for the lower class escorts.
USASexGuide Massage Parlor Reports

If you are a fan of massages or body rubs, then this is the review section for that. Here, men will post the who, what, when, where, and how much when it comes to meeting a woman for a body rub. Yes, oftentimes it ends in a happy ending, but it seems getting a quality massage is not as much of a concern here.

Again, when reading these posts like the one below, it really makes it hard to understand what they are saying so this will take some time for new people to get the hang of.

USASexGuide Massage Parlor

Standard hard to read post on USA Sex Guide

The fact is there are tons of massage parlors all over the country and 5x more women who work from home, hotels, or do outcalls. Most incall places have Asian women who offer the standard rub and tug, but if you are into more stuff like having a woman fuck you with your toy, then you might want to reach out to an independent woman.

USASexGuide Ripoff Reports

This area of the site talks about the guys who have been ripped off by escorts. They share their stories and tell you who to be on the lookout for. So browsing in this area you can learn how many men do indeed get taken by these escorts but of course this might only count for 1% of the total scams.

USASexGuide Escort Ripoffs

Escort scams

The only issue here is that there is no images of the girls who are the scammers so it’s mostly useless. Maybe more for reading and understanding the names of the scammers.

The nice thing is when it comes to escorts who steal from people, if you report them to the site you find them on, they will most likely remove the profile of the escort as we found when trying to visit this escorts page who was reported for scams and stealing from her clients.