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When Backpage was closed down in 2018 and Craigslist decided to close its doors to the casual encounter section in 2018 it left a void for lots of people.   Of course, when a void is created, there are tons of sites that pop up to try and fill that void.  

So in 2018 bedpage aka the backpage clone, popped up onto the internet and gained a ton of traffic.  The problem is their site has spammy ads. also owns a few other sites that are very similar to the main site and the sole reason is to filter their traffic from one site to another so they can boost their page rankings to sell more ads.

They play the role of backpage in the fact that you think there are real escorts posting on the site but in reality, there are not.  99% of the phone numbers are not even local to you.  

All the ads on bedpage will say text me and they only have the hottest images of women, both are signs of a fake site.  The issue with the ads is this is controlled by site and will try to scam you out of money.

If you see their site, its a copy of the backpage website with a few color changes.  The only true thing you will see on here is 99.9% of the girls on here you will never get to talk to as they are not real.   So many ads also lead you to different websites.  

They do have sections like local places, rentals, automotive that go 100% empty when looking. So what have them sections that will never get used is the question.  The only section used is the first one, the Adult.  Even if you try to go to the massage section you will see ads like "33 yrs older divorced horny lonlley mom"  As you can tell from the grammar this is not American written and why is a lonely mom in the massage section?

Yet, the site still drives tons of traffic as there are tons of men out there who feel it's real and will text.   The problem is you will be texting with someone from another country and most likely a man in a sweatshop making $1.40 an hour to try to get you to another site where you sign up and pay.

Furthermore proof is if you look here

you will see that over 68% of their traffic comes from India, a country where running scams like this is on the rise.

Other sites that are owned by bedpage are:

Also, read reviews from members who used bedpage and their sites like bedpage.

Final Verdict on Bedpage

I don’t care for sites that make their money from ripping off.  You guessed it, they are one of those sites. The whole escort thing aside, people who visit any of thier sites are using the it to satisfy something in themselves hoping each ad is real and the site creators are playing off that need. That is what makes this site so weak and sleazy. 

If you have the need for a sex worker, I guarantee you, their sites are not the place to do it. You will just waste your time and money. You’re really better off joining a hookup site like Kinkyadsand finding someone interested in a mutually legal sexual relationship.

In the end, people will seek what they want, my advice is just don’t do it on their site, k?


Kinkyads, on the other hand, is mirrored not after backpage but craigslist.   Kinkyads does not go after the escorts, but the swingers, people seeking casual encounters.  

Kinkyads, unlike the fake site, makes sure that everyone is real by verifying their cell phone.   You can not use a text free website or app to register on Kinkyads.   You must use a true cell phone and you can only have one account per number.  

This controls spam and if someone is caught spamming, their account is deleted and they will need to find a new real cell phone number to register again on the site.

So if you are seeking to find a real encounter free of charge, then you might want to give Kinkyadsa try and stop wasting your time on sites like bedpage. So join Kinkyads today for free and see who is posting casual encounter ads in your town.