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Kasidie Vs Kinkyads – Who is Better in 2021?

You may have been looking around in your area for some fun and came across Kasidie, but not of the usual kind — something ideally more kinky and erotic in nature, right? Well, if that was your aim, then a site like this one might have been made for you all along. That is just what it is all about. Yet is that a good thing? Most people looking for love on the internet tend to go to two places: Actual legit dating and social friendship sites and sites like this one. Take a pick. Which is right for you? The Kasidie Sign – Up Process Itself When you want to start by signing – up, it asks you for some data like in the form of a quick questionnaire that you —- get this — can actually skip if you want to ( unlike with so many other similar sites, that do not let you move on until you have answered the question boxes in red or those most required in the data form ), which is super convenient and a nice little touch. And I did say touch. He heh — it’s an adult sex site, after all… dating banner Not only that, but you also get to continue with looking around on the site as long as you meet one very basic, quick, and simple prerequisite: Upload a photo of any kind, to be used as your main profile photo. The only basic thing the site will ask you for here is that the photo at least shows your face ( you can even just do a simple headshot right there in front of the PC camera if you feel like doing that instead ). And of course, it must be of you and not someone else ( or you and your significant other together, if you do decide to sign – up as a couple ). The Experience of the Connection – The REAL Reason You Came to the App in the First Place What makes Kasidie so interesting as an adult, sexual – fun – oriented type of site is that you do not need to go it alone, and that also makes a whole heck of a lot of people online feel quite a bit safer, when you really and truly stop to think about it. Why do I say this? It is simply due to the fact that there are so many weirdos, freaks, and even fake profiles out there in the XXX dating and sex world, much more so in the online one, let’s be honest about that. But if you sign up as a couple, not only do you potentially get to have more fun and be able to do a lot more things ( or so the site claims to you, at least ) but you also get a sense of greater safety and security in numbers. In fact, when you join one of the site’s many featured or sponsored events, you can always freely take your ‘plus one’ with you. And you can do so as well through the virtual meet-ups, webcams and all other sorts of fun they claim to offer. So that gives you a bit of peace of mind, I think, at the end of the day. Membership Insights With a solid member structure, at just a little over 100,000 members ( and growing, of course ) , this is not off to any bad starts, it seems. People keep checking it out and signing up. At least, that is how the stats for this last year alone, 2020, have shown it to be at. It shows some growth ( especially, I suppose, since people were forced to be in their homes and left bored with nothing to do for most of the year, this site offered them something to forget about the pandemic and all its stress for just a bit —- many people reportedly went online and chatted, did webcams, teased a few personals, if you know what I mean, and much more ) . To be exact, the last reported number holds to be at 150,000+. So the membership is definitely there — let there be no mistake about that. You will likely find someone around and active while you browse through the site at any hour. The Whole ‘Male – to Female’ Ratio & Vice Versa 30 % of the site’s full members are female while only 10 % are male ( guys —- you might have a better shot at this if you are looking for a female, so just do keep that in mind. There are likely plenty of ladies out there for you to pick from, many of which have joined Kasidie. ). Most of these female members, quite interestingly enough, as has been shown in recent studies, have actually been couples. So if you are same – minded in this respect, then you might find what you are looking for in Kasidie. But there are also plenty of female singles just looking for a guy or two to please or tease them. So there is, all in all, a bit of everything for everyone there. Most of the females on the site are reportedly at least 35 years of age, between 35 and 44, to be precise. As for the males, most of them on the site do not fall in this age range, though : They range from the ages of 25 – 34. Go figure. And the 2nd most popular age range among females on this site is of ladies between 18 and 24 years old. More on the App’s Internal Structure There is a voluntary little verification process on this site that is unique to it, and it is known as the Certified Member sort of badge that you can opt – in to get if you want to merely prove to all the other members or couples that you are truly real, serious, legit and trust – worthy, at the end of the day. Many have done this and it has given peace of mind to not only them but to all others who have seen their profile. You can get more friends, more party invitations, more personal messages and invites, etc. —- the sky is the limit, and getting that little badge on your profile is simply the way to open the door to all that and more. So consider it if you are serious and invested ; that is what the site itself suggests to do as well. Internally, you can also hook up with Kasidie’s own staff members, something unique to the site and the way it’s set – up as well. You can meet these people at a great majority of their hosted events, parties, etc. Look for Kasidie events near your area if you choose. The Kasidie Cost You can go for a 1 – month valued membership at just $ 20 ( or $19.95, to be exact, but you might have to figure in some sales tax either way ). Or if you want 3 months, just pay $15, which breaks down into $5 a month. You can also do 6 months at $ 12.50 ( $2.08 per month, which is super, super cheap ) or $10.80 for a full year ( ridiculously low monthly cost of $ 0.90 a month, not even a dollar per month ). Either way, the options are there for you — and like many reviewers have already commented, to which I actually am in full agreement, this is by far one of the cheapest adult sex site alternatives that I have ever seen out there on the Web, so if you really want to dive in and try it, by all means, go for it and save some money in the process of doing so ( especially when cash is tight ). It can’t hurt to try. The investment is so very little. How can one go wrong? Actual Kasidie User Reviews Casual sex, friends with benefits, couples – swaps and weekend hookups, swinger’s events and so much more are the reason most of the users sign – up for this kind of site. And several have only stated that they are only extremely pleased with the outcome, if they can find someone or somewhere to have some real fun near their zip code. Though this site does not cater to or host service in every area, so keep that in the back of your mind, of course. Though most of this site’s members are from the United States, parties, clubs, drink socials and much more tend to occur just about everywhere, meaning internationally as well as domestically. So many members have stated getting bummed out at having paid for a membership only to find out that there was nothing happening locally or at least not for a good, long time ( or that there was something going on that excited them much but it was offered in a different country, state, etc. ) . Since there are only about 150,000 total members online, it’s hard to have people and events everywhere. But perhaps one day it will change, when the members grow and the site’s reach does so as well. FAQ’s When did the Kasidie dating platform get started, and by who? A man by the name of Greg Elgort helped get this initiative up and running and he put the whole thing in business under the legal name of Kasidie Entertainment, LLC 2006 back in the year —- you guessed it —- 2006. How old do I have to be to use Kasidie? You have to be 18 or older. Sorry, but there is just no getting around that. If you’re in the U.S., at least…. What is the cancellation policy like in case I want to cancel a certain membership I activated earlier? Want to throw in the towel a little early? Who can judge you? The site lets you just cancel and billing stops for the next cycle ( but you do still have to pay for the current one — the charge remains ) . Is there a way to de–activate my Kasidie profile and account in case I ever get tired of it or need a break? Yes you can! Just contact support. Make sure they delete all data of yours from the backend as well, if you have true privacy concerns as some of us do. Is blocking a function that is offered here, to block someone I no longer wish to make any communication with? You can easily block. You can easily un – block. And there’s no pressure on you either way! And you can also even prevent ‘site spammers’, which tend to show up every now and then, from flooding your wall & inbox, too. Is Kasidie safe to use? The site is secure. Payment methods are verified. Your personal info. will always be kept secure. Have any question we did not cover here? Please hit us up directly! Final Word You can find a site that is quite organized in this one. And it’s reliable as well. We can’t disagree with that. Yet be sure it is exactly what you are looking for and not the casual dating site ( which tends to abound these days, so many of them out there ) . Do you want something more sexually-oriented and a bit dirty? It is an adult site, so just know that. Know what you are getting into. And be ready to put on those big boy ( or big girl ) pants if you really do wish to proceed, knowing that you can always join ( or even drop, as needed ) multiple unique adult-only groups and events with this one. Give Kasidie a go, if you think it’s worth it.