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butt plug DIY
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Let's face the facts sex toys are very costly, so what happens when you're in the mood to play, and you can't find a sex toy, let alone a butt-plug, and it's the middle of the night. You're horned up, and all you want is a butt plug; what do you do?
Well, there are thousands of people who go through that same experience that you have, and that's why they decided to create this post about DIY butt plugs.
 We will tell you some of the best things you can use around your house to act as a homemade butt plug to give you the sensation you're looking for. 
Note if you use these household items correctly, you will not hurt yourself, and you will experience the intense pleasures you are seeking. So let's discuss how to turn the common household on them into the best homemade but plug. 

Are homemade butt plugs safe to use? 

Creating homemade butt plugs can be very safe, but they can also be very risky for the user.  Remember, no matter what you are going to use as your DIY but plug, you always want to wash it first very well with anti-bacterial soap.
You want to remember a couple of things: you want to make sure that you're using a long enough butt plug so that it won't get lost in your anus, and you would have to visit the ER and explain what happened.
When making your homemade butt plug, you first want to look around the house for a few different items that will work as your homemade butt plug.  Find something that is very smooth and that's going to be long enough for you to hold it once it's inside of you.
Obviously, you are in the mood now; the local adult bookstore is too far away, or it might be snowing, and all you want is a butt plug in your anus now.   
Some of the places you'll want to look for a butt plug would be in the kitchen or the kitchen drawers and sometimes their things like wooden handles, spoons or in the bathroom under the sink, maybe even out in the garage because there could be tools that have a very thick rubber handle that would make a perfect rubber butt plug.

If you don't have anything around the house, you can make a quick run down to the nearest grocery store, and you will find a ton of homemade butt plugs.
You can use anything from hot dogs, sausage to bananas and cucumbers as some excellent butt plugs. Looking for something bigger? you can try a small eggplant if you use eggplant as your butt plug of choice, get a soft one, and it will feel amazing and will stretch you out nicely. 
If you do go to the store to find your next butt plug, you will want to get a couple of different makeshift butt plugs; maybe you will get a banana, you'll get a cucumber, you want to get a couple of different sizes so you can go from small to big.
If you get something like a  jumbo hot dog or sausage, I found it best to cook them for a few minutes to plump them up, and then you can drop one of them into a condom and tie the end. Now you have a plump cock waiting to slide into your ass, and yes, it feels exactly like a cock.  
Try a meat market when your out and freeze them till you're ready to use them. You can find some monster ones that are bigger than a normal cock.

If you are picking fruits or vegetables as a butt plug, you want to check and make sure that it's firm and not squishy otherwise, it won't work, so if you have a banana, then you will want something that's a little bit more green and not yellow with spots on it that would be too soft, and it won't work.
When making a DIY butt plug, you want to make sure to wrap your vegetables and a condom unless you have something with a firm exterior skin such as a cucumber, and just make sure you pick up a little bacterial soap to clean it off.
Now, suppose you don't feel like running to the store to get your do-it-yourself butt-plug because you're horny.
In that case, you can start off with something like the end of a toothbrush as a sex toy as they are very soft, round, and smooth, yet that will only last you just a few minutes because you're going to want something more prominent now.
 if you have an electric toothbrush that will serve as a dual-purpose butt plug because not only is it good to slide in your anus, it also acts as a vibrator; It would make a great 2 part butt plug that would be a homemade vibrating butt plug,
make sure you don't use the bristle part of your brush has your butt plug.''
You can also go to Michaels and get a latex mold kit, and you can mold your very own butt plug to whatever size you want.
That makes for a fun little project that you can use if you have some time on a Saturday night, again when you're done with whatever you choose to use as your DIY butt plug, make sure you wash it. Another option is a candle; the nice thing about candles is you can take a lighter and melt them down to the size that you want and a shape the let it cool down and again, slide a condom on it, and now you have yourself a homemade butt plug.
Of course, the number one do-it-yourself butt plug is your finger as the finger works well, and you can put multiple fingers in your butt, but eventually, you're going to want to go a little bigger and bigger.
In Closing
No matter what you use as a homemade butt plug, just remember to take safety and precaution into consideration it will find plenty of ways employment there are plenty of other options as well to use to satisfy your anus I'm sure if you walk around your house or the grocery store, you will find plenty of other things to use.
No matter what butt plug you decide to go with, make sure that you have plenty of lubrication to make the experience even that much more pleasurable and in the meantime.
If you're looking for it down the road, we have a couple of things here below as far as different types of plugs that you can help make. And dimension. If you're a beginner, putting something in your anus, you might want to start small again with your fingers and slowly work your way up and don't worry, going to the store with a cart full of products, you might think everybody knows what you're doing that's not true you go and get what's going to feel good inside you, go home clean it up, or carve it out, whatever and enjoy your new do-it-yourself butt plugs

Where Butt Plugs come from?

Honestly, a butt plug is a gadget that has a cone-formed or anatomically right molded end that is embedded into the rear-end. It has a flanged base to hold it back from slipping further inside in this manner delivering it lost using any and all means not needing an excursion to the trauma center. The region between the flanged base and the focal piece of the plug bends in pointedly to forestall the butt plug from getting out. A butt plug is not quite the same as a butt-centric fitting for clinical use. A clinical butt-centric attachment doesn't have a cone shape yet a circle or fitting shape to forestall fecal incontinence. A butt fitting can be worn for added delight during sex, during masturbation or even worn over the span of the day for ceaseless sexual incitement. Present day butt plugs change in width, length, and shape. They additionally arrive in a rainbow of shadings and an assortment of materials. Be that as it may, where are the butt attachments of the past? 
The most punctual illustration of a butt plug I could discover was rectal dilators used to assist with obstruction and hemorrhoids, otherwise called heaps. The most renowned dilators were a set sold as Dr. Youthful's Ideal Rectal Dilators from 1893 to 1940. Dr. Forthright E. Youthful of Canton, Ohio, protected his rectal dilators in 1892. Notice for Dr. Youthful's protected rectal dilators can be seen by 1893. The bundle remembers a few dilators of expanding sizes for a somewhat recognizable butt plug state of today; olive-formed tip with a straight shaft and flanged end.
They were initially made of elastic, and the directions recommended swinger they be utilized with either Dr. Youthful's Piloment grease or vaseline. One would slowly embed the dilator then, as one changed in accordance with the size, would climb to the greater size. The dilator lose and extended the rectum to either alleviate stoppage or to permit hemorrhoids to mend. This treatment is as yet utilized today. One astonishing suggestion for use back in the late nineteenth century was to forestall or treat craziness. Fortunately something the dilators are not utilized for now.