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Escort Babylon vs Kinkyads {February 2021}

If you are wondering what is the main differences between Escort Babylon and Kinkyadsis in February 2021 then you will want to read this guide. As we are with Kinkyads we already know about what we have to offer so we took a deep dive into Babylon to see what they have to offer and how they compare to us. During our review, we don’t take a biased view, we lay out the facts below and you will see how the two sites compare, and then you can decide what one is better for your needs. dating banner Escort Babylon When you visit the site Escort Babylon, you could easily think of this site as an upgraded escort site. While most escort sites allow for anyone to list their ads and really could care less about reviews, on Escort Babylon, they seem to make that a large part of their model. One of the first things you see when you get to their home page besides the images of the woman is the large green button “Read Review” Babylon escort ad This serves as the review board from past clients who can come here to review their experience with that escort they hired from Babylon. According to the Escort Babylon site, you first must leave a review on one of their escorts before you are allowed to read the reviews left by otters members. Getting around on Escort Babylon is simple and hard. As I was browsing through the ads, I saw very few with a number to call yet their ad says text me. So I am not sure where to find all the numbers as I spent about 10-15 min searching for a few different escort ads. Though some ads on Babylon does show the numbers, I don’t know why others don’t, yet most of them have reviews on the site. Very strange. If you click the icons on the top right of the page, it takes you to a page like this a site called milky and listcrawler, these sites may also be owned by escort Babylon but that is not 100% for sure. One thing is for sure is that this site is seeking to be just a review site for escorts and somehow shares the info with the other sites to pull in the escorts so they can tell their clients to go look at my reviews on escort Babylon. Signup and Browse Profiles on Escort Babylon If you are just seeking to find a local escort to play with then you don’t need to signup on the site at all. If you do plan on leaving a review then you need to create an account and that makes sense as you don’t just want any random person leaving a review as the reviews can be spammed. Escorts looking to post an ad must also make an account so they can log in as needed to update their ads, post new ones or remove the old ad’s when they no longer want it up. It seems that the website is hosted overseas and that is how they see to avoid the US legal system. When looking through the escorts profiles you get basic info such as age, location, contact number, and a small intro by the escort along with some images and of course if they offer incall or outcalls. Who Uses Sites like EscortBabylon? Why stroke your chicken when you can have a woman do it for you. The people who use this site are mostly married people who want a hit it and leave it type of thing. They don’t want a back and forth with someone as they most likely can’t get text messages as the wife might catch them. This site is best designed for people who come into town or want a quick NSA hookup. Just bring your cash and enjoy your time. Don’t forget, when you are done with your escort, you will want to leave a review on Escorts Babylon for future members to see if her past clients had any issues and if she provided a good service. People who use this site also often times us Erotic Monkey as well. How easy is it to hook up with Escorts on Escort Babylon? Babylon reviews Finding an escort on Babylon to hookup with for a quickie is very easy, just go to the site, and browse the girls in your area to see who is a match for you. Most girls will want you to text them so reach out and introduce yourself to them. Be polite and respectful and that will get you more responses. Do note, just like any site that has escorts posted, some are just girls seeking people to visit their only fans page so don’t bother with them. If they are on the site for that, then don’t waste your time texting them, we’ll hell, they most likely will not have their phone number listed if that’s the case. Do note, just like any site that has escorts posted, some are just girls seeking people to visit their only fans page so don’t bother with them. If they are on the site for that, then don’t waste your time texting them, we’ll hell, they most likely will not have their phone number listed if that’s the case. Can I get Layed on Escort Babylon? The chances of getting laid when using Escort Babylon is very good as long as you know the rules. Pay to play! Meaning if you don’t have any money or are cheap then you most likely will not be getting laid that day or the next. You need to be smart when using Escort Babylon, the woman here are pros for the most part and have heard all the games men will play so don’t bother. If you sound creepy they will not see you if you try to negate the price, they might or might not see you, and if they do you better bet it will be a rush job. Are the Profiles Listed on Escort Babylon Real? Babylon member name There is no guarantee that someone is real, the best way to know if to look for their reviews, the more reviews they have the better the odds are that they are the real deal. Now just because an escort is showing 2-3 reviews does not mean much, it means they could be real or they could have done come fake reviews. Again there are two ways for the girls to get money. In-person or online, never give money to a woman online for sex without meeting them. Does Escort Babylon Store My Info? No personal information about you is collected or required. The most they would collect is a user name, password, email address (make a Gmail email), and your IP, besides that there is nothing that can link back to. On the IP addresses, just about every site online collects this info so don’t worry about it. Can I Get Arrested for Using Babylon? For being on the Escort Babylon site, no! But if you exchange cash for sex with anyone you meet, you can be arrested so do keep that in mind. Cops have run stings before to catch men seeking to pay for sex so always have that in the back of your mind when doing this stuff. If you want to see reviews on escorts then check out the blog post on USA Sex Guide Kinkyads Babylon vs Kinkyads Kinkyads is known as a site for swingers and people who are seeking to hookup with stranger for what’s better called No Strings Attached, meaning no money. The Kinkyads network is one of the fastest-growing websites in the hookup sector online today. The site was originally designed to be a replacement for Craigslist and their casual encounter section. But over the past year, the site has gone through some major changes and is not just about ads now, its about connecting, making friends and learning/teaching others about the lifestyle. Kinkyads has transformed into a social network with ads and the member seem to love the site. Members on Kinkyadscan connect with other members who are in the same lifestyle and kinks as they are. Members can, upload photos, view other members profiles, upload videos, post ads, join groups, and so much more. Kinkyads is now known as a hookup social networking site, much more than just an ad posting site like Craigslist was. As the site is much more of a social network style for people looking to have a hookup with someone aka, NSA sex, On the other hand Skip The Games is nothing but escorts seeking cash for sex. Signing Up for Kinkyads When you signup for Kinkyads, you will need to verify your cell phone, this is a security measure to prevent spam. Once you get the one time text alert with a 4-6 digit code just enter it and presto, your done. This code is only good for a single account so you can’t you code or cell to create more then one account. Who Uses Kinkyads? Babylon members Kinkyads is used by people who want to find someone in their local area for a quick NSA hookup to have sex with. If you are a couple seeking a man, a man seeking a man, woman seeking a man, its all here. The old Craigslist saw about 100,000 to 200,000 ads posted each day from people who were seeking to find a quick random hookup and that is what Kinkyadsis also offering. The members on Kinkyadsdo a good job at reporting escorts to the admins to have their accounts removed. This site is not about sex for cash, its about sex for free! The members on here don’t want to see the escorts and that is why they don’t post to often on Kinkyadsas they will soon find out, as soon as they post an ad, their account will be deleted. The conclusion Both sites are good sites but really don’t compete with eachother. Escort Babylon is all about escorts and escorts only while Kinkyadsis about casual encounter with people who want a FREE casual encounter with another person. But if all you want is to see porn then go watch something like brittanya razavi porn So depending on your needs, you might be looking for escortbabylon or Kinkyadsor maybe both. One for the quick in and out and one for more of a ongoing thing. Eaither way, on Kinkyadsyou don’t have to worry about getting busted in a police sting like you do on Escort Babylon.