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Erotic Monkey vs Kinkyads for 2021

Breaking down the differences between Erotic Monkey and Kinkyads In this post we will review the difference between Kinkyads and Erotic Monkey and help break down what site is better for your own needs. Erotic Monkey Banner EROTIC MONKEY If you are looking for an escort site, then you might have heard about Erotic Monkey (EM). When you first hear the name Erotic Monkey, you might feel like this is going to go down a rabbit hole in the blink of an eye. At the same time, this is one of the best escort sites that you can use. When you look at the slogan and combine this with the money holding his banana, the point of the side is very clear. First, it is important to know the basics when it comes to EM. The site is used to display the escorts that are closest to you. Therefore, you can choose your preference immediately. If you decide that you want to be more selective, that is fine too! You can use the advanced search option to really fine-tune the results to meet your needs. Signing Up for Erotic Monkey First, it is important to review the process of signing up for Erotic Monkey. Clearly, this is a site that has been designed to help you get some action as quickly as possible. When compared to other option than the market, the signup process Erotic Monkey it’s incredibly short. There are only three feel that you are required to complete. In order to sign up for EM, you need to include your email address, a username, and design a password. Even though completing a profile is not required for you to view your options, you do need a profile if you want to view contact information for certain escorts. Therefore, if you really want to close the deal, you need to complete the signup process Erotic Monkey. Who Uses Erotic Monkey? The reality is that there are lots of people who use sites such as EM. Many people use the site to explore potential sexual fantasies. Maybe there is something that you would like to do with a partner that your partner is not comfortable with. In the past, you might not have had many options. Now, you have a great outlet for these desires with Erotic Monkey. Furthermore, for those who are looking for an escort, EM simply makes this process easy. Now, people are not limited by self-pleasure. For the right price, people can find an escort who is going to make all of their dreams and fantasies come true. When looking at the slogan Erotic Monkey, which is “never spank the monkey again,” the goal is clear. With sites such as Erotic Monkey, you no longer need to do this. How Popular Is Erotic Monkey? Based on the number of escorts that are available on Erotic Monkey oh, the fight is pretty popular. Even if this is not convincing enough for you, check out the reviews of some of the profiles on Erotic Monkey. It is clear that this site is popular in the United States. Therefore, by using Erotic Monkey, you will have access to a wide variety of selections. That way, you can tailor your escorts to meet your preferences. There is no denying that Erotic Monkey is among the best in the business when it comes to accomplishing its goals. This is the largest locations for Erotic Monkey Atlanta 14,096 Atlanta has the most escorts in the heart of downtown, Atlanta is said to have 70% of the escorts Chicago 15,250 Chicago is another hotspot for these escorts and only 2nd to NY shows just how popular the monkey is in the Windy City. Dallas 13,243 Dallas has always been known for escorts and in the downtown area as well as Fort Worth have thousands of woman willing to have sex for cash with you. Houston 11,643 Just 4 hours south of Dallas you will run into Houston. If you stay inside the loop you will have about 10k of the 11.6 escorts at your disposal. Los Angeles 22,744 LA is by far the largest place for escorts according to the listings. LA also covers everything from Long Beach, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica to Cerritos and San Gabriel. New York 18,000 New York is the densest area and if you anywhere in the metro area you can find a girl. Getting them to your hotel might cost a Uber fair or they might have it built into the price as it’s not easy in the big apple. San Diego 10,600 San Diego has its fair share of escorts as well, anywhere downtown to the beaches are prime for escorts. Best Hotel Locations for Escorts Remember, escorts prefer you stay just outside of the downtown area, this is the case in most cities as it’s easier for them to get in and out of the hotels. For the most part, the downtown hotels all have valet parking and takes more time to get in and out so if you are seeking a friendly hotel for your guest, then look for a hotel just off the freeway and not in downtown but not too far from it. How Easy Is it To Connect with Escorts? Escort on Erotic Monkey On Erotic Monkey, the process could not be easier. After you set up an account, you can visit the profile of an escort. After this, you can see the contact information. Usually, profiles on Erotic Monkey display both an email address as well as a phone number. Therefore, you will have everything that you need to contact an escort and set something up. Will I Get Laid on Erotic Monkey? On EM, you will have access to a large pool of willing escorts. Therefore, you don’t really have any reason to be concerned about this. Keep in mind that the site is not your average escort site. When people think about an escort service, they often and vision people who are not that willing to engage in sexual activity. That is where this site is different. Based on the vibe on this website, it is easy to tell that this site is designed to help you close the deal. Just do not forget to get the contact information from the escorts so that you can make arrangements. How Safe Is Erotic Monkey? Importantly, there are no safety concerns when it comes to EM. This is because all of the pages on Erotic Monkey have been encrypted with something called an SSL certificate. This prevents malicious third parties from collecting your information and using it without your consent. At the same time, it is also important for you to make sure that you read the terms and conditions of Erotic Monkey before you start using this site. If you are concerned about the safety of the escorts, then read a few of the reviews before you decide to meet up with them. That way, you can close the deal without having to worry about anything else. Does Erotic Monkey Own Rubratings? Now that the Backpage has been closed down, the US Justice Department, Homeland Security others have been investigating other sites that offer the same services that Backpage once did. They are focusing their attrition on sites such as,, and and the main concern is if they are participating in trafficking, prostitution, and or money laundering. Rubmaps It’s also something to know that these sites all could have ties to one man as the owner. David Azzato a Swiss businessman seems to be the main owner of all three sites, yet he has denied running the sites and said he no longer is apart of the companies. Azzato’s spokesman said rubmaps is nothing more than a design project and the website never made a profile, but that is odd as in their footer on the home page there is a link for membership cancellation. With this cat and mouse game going on and the fact that the owner of the erotic monkey David Azzato will not come to the US to answer questions, it may be very difficult for the US authorities to extradite him if he is found to be violating US laws. The US can try to work with the Swiss but that most likely will fall on deaf ears. The next thing the US can try is to work with the Swiss to seize the websites and take them down. But this is something that will take some time to get it done. The true question is if it takes months to closes it down a site overseas and 30 minutes to create a new site, is it really worth it? It might be better for the feds to work with sites like Erotic Monkey so they don’t have to keep running and maybe both sides can come to an agreement to run a site successfully with the government having a bit of control. KINKYADS Kinkyads is one of the fastest-growing sites that has replaced the Craigslist casual encounter section. The one thing that Kinkyadshas going for them is how much they have for members to do. It’s not a post ad’s and that’s it type of site, it’s much more than that. Members can connect with other members, view profiles, upload nude photos, erotic videos post ads and so much more. This site has become a social network more than just an ad site like Craigslist was. As Kinkyads is much more of a social network for people looking to hookup with stranger for NSA sex, Erotic Monkey is only about escorts seeking cash for sex. Signing Up for Kinkyads When you signup on here, you need to verify your account by entering your cell phone and you will get a text message with a one time code to your cell phone. This code is only good for one account so don’t think you can register more than one account with the same cell phone. This process might seem like a pain but it has helped a ton when it comes to preventing spam on the site. This is one major way to clean up a site and keep real people on the site. Who Uses Kinkyads? Kinkyads is a site for people who are seeking to find a casual encounter with a stranger, no matter if its a man seeking a man or a couple seeking a couple. When looking at the old Craigslist, there were millions of people using the site to post for their mid-day sexual encounter. People who use Kinkyadsshould not expect to find any hookers/escorts as the site keeps them off and tries to keep the site NSA, (No Strings Attached) connections. So the images might look the same but these woman are truly seeking hookups for them or them and their spouses. CONCLUSION Both sites offer two different experiences, so if you are seeking to pay for it and be done, then Erotic Monkey is the place for you. If you are seeking a random free casual encounter aka hookup, then Kinkyads is the place.