Top 5 Doublelist vs Kinkyads Differences for 2020


With both Doublelist and Kinkyads fighting to become the king for the casual encounter world, we thought it would be a good idea to take a deep dive to see which one is the better for you to use in order to find your next local hookup.

Today we are going to show you exactly what is the difference between these two sites and who should be awarded the title, best casual encounter site.

Kinkyads vs Doublelist

In this comprehensive guide I’ll cover:

– What is Doublelist
– The Pro’s and Con’s of Doublelist
– What is Kinkyads
– The Pro’s and Con’s of Kinkyads
– Final Comments / Grade

Let’s get started.

The dawn of the internet brought with it more than a technical revolution. It started a new awakening, a new sexual age, the age of the acceptance of casual sex. Hooking up has become the norm. Terms like “Netflix and chill” have become even family dinner table fodder.

To answer the siren call of this newly formed market an entire new industry was created. Online dating puts a whole new perspective on how we choose prospective partners.

Then, the giant behemoth of ad listing sites, Craigslist created their casual encounters section.

Then came new sites like Doublelist and Kinkyads. But, what sets these new services apart? Here we take a deep dive into Kinkyads vs. Doublelist but first, let’s talk about how Craigslist changed the game by setting the stage for anonymous sex to be ok.

Craiglist’s Casual Encounters Introduces A New Way to Meet Sexual Partners

Casual sex is nothing new. Look to the free love movement of the 1960s and the party scene of the 80s and you’ll see promiscuity abounds. But, the internet brought with it direct anonymity which was very attractive to many people. 

Craigslist Casual Encounters Section
Craigslist Casual Encounters

You didn’t have to go out to a bar, spend a bunch of money, feign actual interest in someone outside of their great body in order to get them in your bed. You were given the opportunity to write an ad with exactly what you wanted, who you wanted it with, and when you wanted it to go down.

A few emails later and you’re knocking boots and satisfying your kinks without the monotony of forced small talk and overpriced booze. But, all good things must come to an end. 

In 2018, Craigslist decided to remove the personals section of their site in the United States. The site had taken on a mind of its own and they could no longer guarantee the safety of its users. So, they decided to shut it down. This left an opening in the market just waiting to be filled.

What is Doublelist

After the removal of the Craigslist personals section, “Double list” aka doublelist was created as an answer for the millions of people looking to place ads to hookup online. They started in 2018 and have since grown to over 1 million members.

Doublelist focused on creating the same easy experience that Craigslist users were used to. So they created a very basic site to post personals, browse ads, and go. Some of the cities they focused on are:

Doublelist Denver
– Doublelist Chicago
– Doublelist Houston
– Doublelist Phoenix
– Doublelist New York Home Page

Doublelist Downfall

Double list has seen a great amount of initial success due to the sheer volume of users. Those missing the casual encounters section flocked to this newfound glory land.

As far as casual sex and swinger sites go DL gets the job done. It’s simple and easy to use and it’s a great example of one of the great free swinger sites out there.

But there are drawbacks to consider:

1. Doublelist don’t let you post nude photos

Ad found on Doublelist
Basic Doublelist Ad

For some reason on Doublelist you are not allowed to post any nude photos. If you are seeking to hook-up with someone, don’t you want to see what they have to offer you?

It seems that if you post a nude photo in your ad, they will just delete the posting and you will have to go in and replace your ad to get it back up again. So if you post an ad for a casual encounter, you need to keep it clean.

I am not sure if there is any other hookup site that does this and that is strange. Even on sites like Adult Friend Finders, you are able to post all the erotic photos you like. We feel this is a huge mistake on their part, but if they want to be the classy site in the hookup community then so be it, but is there really such a thing as a clean classy hookup site?

2. Your account gets blocked for no reason

Account blocked by Doublelist
Doublelist account blocked

One of the most confusing things on Double list is how and when they block your account. For no reason, you can go to log in to the site one day and find your account is blocked. Maybe it has something to do with their fees they charge and if you look in their terms you will see they charge per violation. You can find people posting all over the internet about how they are not happy with Double list.

TOS shows up to 1,000 fine Doublelist

If you read the whole thing, they are basically saying they can charge you up to $1,000. for breaking their basic rules such as uploading a nude photo.

3. Doublelist allows post from escorts

Escorts on Doublelist

You have to be kidding right? Do they not review their ads? a woman like the one where we would message and got a reply asking for $200 for up to the hour.

Now, what 25 hot women like this do you see seeking men 25-60 years old because she is not getting it at home? This is a huge waste of time for people who are seeking NSA “No Strings Attached” Meaning no fees. m has started to become bombarded with a post like these so if you’re seeking a truly random connection with a housewife who wants to get something she is not at home, you might have to blow through 200 escorts first.

It’s not just woman on Double list selling sex, the men are also.

Ahhh, I remember this from Craigslist

Flagged ads doublelist
Flagged Post

We all hated it on Craigslist and you thought DL would have figured this out. Guess what? We still hate it!

It’s always been a bad system, meaning when someone emails you and you don’t pick them, they start to flag your post. This is the same game that was played on Craigslist for years and it seems it just moved over here. For some reason you can post guy for guy pretty easy, but if you want to post W4M or Couple for Men they ban it for no reason, yet woman like in the above image can post just fine.

They have said they use AI to filter their ads, well they need to do a major fine tuning to it as there are tons of ads that are getting declined. A few people would tell me, they would post in M4M just to get the ad up even though they are a couple.

4. Their customer service is non-existent

Double list Customer service

doublelist customer service
Doublelist Customer Service

We all have questions from time to time and what helps make a site an amazing site is by how they handle their customer service needs. Trying to contact Double list with your questions? it’s faster to seek it through something like google. They have no phone number or email that is visible for you to contact them at.

5. Double list Reviews

They has plenty of reviews from their members, below is just a sample of the last few reviews from their members and as you can see, people are not to happy. Your better off trying sites that offer the best amateur porn.

Doublelist banned
Complant 1
Doublelist Moderator Joke
Complant 2
Doublelist Fake Site
Doublelist Flagged Ads


What is Doublelist?

Doublelist is an online classified posting site for adults who are seeking to find a Casual Encounter hookup with other people from the same or opposite sex.

How to contact Doublelist support?

To contact the support team at Doublelist you need to send an email to them. You can email them at support, you need to be patient as it can take a few days for them to reply. If you are in a hurry, then join kinkyads and you can phone our support :-).

Why is my ad not approved?

It’s a pain in the butt when this happens but they like to say the system aka robots declined your ad for no real reason. Just come to Kinkyads where we look at ads not a computer.

Why way my Doublelist account was closed?

I wish I had the answer to this, but the best thing I can say is to join kinkyads and see the difference. DL is run by people who are in business for only money while Kinkyads is in business because the owners are kinky swingers also.

What is Kinkyads?

Kinkyads Home Page
Kinkyads Home Page

Based on a combination of incredibly popular dating apps like Tinder or Bumble and the simplicity of a personals site like Craigslist, Kinkyads features the best of both worlds.

Kinkyads is a site that seems more like a social networking site than anonymous personal ads. Kinkyads also has tons more features then DL.

Kinkyads allows you to get a sense of the whole person and learn more about them than you could from a simple personals ad. You’ll be able to see nude photos and videos and stop worrying about fakes and trolls. We make sure our members are the real deal.

You can even create albums of your own photos and videos to suit every one of your unique kinky aspects. Create one for each of the things you’re into and really set yourself up for finding that perfect match.

The Features Are What Set Kinkyads Apart

Kinkyads members can:

Create member profiles

Kinkyads Member Profile
Kinkyads Member Profile

The first thing you notice is how you can create your own member profile. I mean if you are seeking to hook up with random people ads are great but why not show off who you are and let members find you as they search in your area.

Profiles hold a ton of information about you such as all your kinky photos and videos as well as your basic stats such as age, location, sex, role, seeking, and more.

You’re about me section is where you can let your profile shine and your friends can follow you with the latest activity section.

Browse member Profiles

Kinkyads Members
Kinkyads Members

Ready to search for others in your area? check out the browse member section and see who is in the same town, city and state as you are.

Then you can browse their profiles, images and videos as well as get an idea for what they are truly seeking and if you like all of that, you can send them a email introducing yourself.

Emailing members

Kinkyads Inbox
Kinkyads Inbox

When it comes to sending emails you don’t have to give out your personal email till you are ready. Kinkyads offers you an online inbox in your account.

Every-time someone messages you, it drops right into your inbox for you to review and you will get a notification that you have a email waiting.

Sexiest Images from Kinksters

Kinky and Sexy
Kinky and Sexy

Our feed is live and as the best photos are uploaded by the members, the ones getting lots of views will be featured in our kinky and sexy section.

This section shows the hottest images from members all over the world and is a great way to build a following and fan base.

This section list photos and videos

Members from all over the world can comment on your photos and videos with their person views on what they want to do to the person in the photo/video.

Casual Encounter Ads

Casual Encounter ads
Kinkyads – Casual Encounter Ads

This is the meat and potatoes of the site and why we are all here correct? So we have made it easy to find the local hookup you are seeking with well laid out ads for your next random encounter.

You can browse ads by city, sex, and what you are seeking such as M4M, W4M, MW4MW and so much more.

Ad’s that are posted stay active for 120 days and can be edited at any time.

A HUGE bonus is there is no flagging allowed like on Doublelist.

All ads with images have the yellow photo next to the ad.

Discussion Groups

Kinkyads Groups
Kinkyads Groups

Discussion Groups are a great way to join people who want to talk about focused topics. There are hundreds of members who created groups for you to choose from.

Simply find the groups you want to join and start reading and posting your own comments.

Don’t see a group that covers your interest? then create your very own group.

Member Videos

Kinkyads Member Videos
Kinkyads Member Videos

Member love for people to watch them and what a better way than to upload your homemade movies to kinkyads.

Once you upload your video, other members can comment on them and they become apart of your profile.

Member Feeds

Kinkyads Feed
Kinkyads Feed

Member feeds cover a lot of information for the kinky community.

You can see the main feed for the whole site or just your friends.

If you want to follow what they are doing this is a great way to stay in the loop to see what kinky images they are commenting on or where they are posting comments.

Notification is a place to show all of the comments you received on the site from other members.

Showcase your personal collection

Member Photos Kinkyads
Kinkyads Member Collection

We all love to showoff so in your profile you can upload 1 or 10,000 photos of yourself to let your fans see every bit of who you are.

Uploading photos in what you can call your personal time line is a great way to show how you look over time.

Member Photo Reviews

Photo Reviews doublelist
Kinkyads Photo Reviews

Each photo you upload is open for members to perve. They can comment on your image and love your image.

When someone loves your image, you will see. a new icon at the bottom of the page

You can also reply to your newly created fans of yours.

List Your Kinks

doublelist kinks
Kinkyads Kinks

We all have them and what a better way to let people know what you like then to list all of your kinks. By listing your kinks you are adding to the people who share in the same fetishes that you do.

You can then click on each one to see all of the person who are sharing in your desires and strike up a conversation with them and share experiences and stories.

Upcoming Swinger Events

Doublelist Events
Kinkyads Events

Got a swingers event you want to host? Post it here and draw a crowd of people who would love to attend your upcoming event.

No matter if this is at a club, arcade, hotel or home. Posting your event lets people know you have something for the public and they should attend.

So as you can see, Kinkyads gives you an endless amount of enjoyable experiences while helping you meet likeminded people who are also into casual encounters.

Kinkyads also stands out because it is a swingers site run by actual swingers. There is no corporate big wig sitting in an office that has no sense of this world. We know how to run a site like this because we use sites like this in the past such as Craigslist. We know what is missing in the market and what we wanted from a casual encounter site. 

We have clear cut rules on posting so we don’t have to stay in the grey areas and constantly flag your posts. We want you to stay and play not get frustrated and click away. We also have a customer service team that can solve any issues you’re experiencing.

Kinkyads Vs. Doublelist Final Thoughts

Craigslist gave the fuel and lit the fire to spark the casual sex revolution. Now that Craigslist isn’t viable a new option had to be born. People will continue looking for casual sex online but, where can they find it now?

Well, most will go to one of these two services. While Doublelist has the advantage of more numbers, their customer service is awful and it’s not user-friendly at all and the site is just ads. Over half the time your ads will be flagged or not even posted, to begin with.

Kinkyads offers the familiarity of a social networking site with the benefits of a personals service. You get to know more information upfront about the people you’re potentially meeting. You get a fuller picture of who someone is before meeting them and can build your profile and make tons. of friends in the process.

Both of these sites are 100% focused on casual encounters but appeal to different groups of people looking for those hookups. At the end of the day, the choice is up to you. Just remember everything is not black and white, there are always 50 shades of grey in between.

The Choice Is Yours So Get Out There and Spice Up Your Sex Life

There are pros and cons to every site in the world. The best part about them both is that they are free. 

There may be elements of both Kinkyads and Doublelist you like. Why not try them out and make an informed decision? While we are partial and think Kinkyads is the cats meow you might also enjoy the straightforward ads focus of Doublelist. We aren’t ones to yuck your yum.

What else is great? You can be a member of both platforms. Stay and play awhile and figure out which works best for you or keep on with both and have tons of fun.

So if you are seeking to add some spice up your life, then you might want to give Kinkyads a try and post an ad. I mean, yeah, Doube list is good and it wouldn’t hurt to post on there but, if you are seeking to find someone amazing then register on Kinkyads and create your detailed profile today.

Make sure you list all of your kinks that you are into so anyone browsing your profile will see it and if they feel you could be a good match, they will reach out to you and shoot you an email. So sit back and get ready to have some kinky fun.

Intrigued? Ready for some action?

Click here to join Kinkyads now and start your swinging journey with the best casual encounters site on the internet.


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