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Cuckolding 101: The Definitive Guide (2021)

THIS IS THE MOST DETAILED GUIDE FOR STARTING OUT IN THE WORLD OF CUCKOLD. Today I’m going to show you exactly how to take your wife from being a vanilla woman and turning her into a full-fledged cuckoldress/hotwife. In this comprehensive guide I’ll cover: Cartoon of Hotwife – What exactly are cuckold’s and Hotwifes – When to know if you are ready for this lifestyle – How to bring up the topic with your spouse – How you can turn your spouse into a cuckoldress – How to plan her first experience – What to do next FAQ’s So if you want to turn your wife into a cuckoldress, you’ll want to read this guide. The steps we outline in this guide come from the advice of our experienced staff as well as the advice of the members on Kinkyads who have experienced cuckolding in one way or another. You will also learn what pitfalls you need to watch out for that can turn this pleasurable experience into a nightmare and how you can avoid it. Now, let’s get started. Table of Content: Chapter 1. Introduction to Cuckold Chapter 2. How to Know When You Are Ready Chapter 3. Introducing Your Spouse to Cuckold Chapter 4. The Erotic Massage Chapter 5. Time to Have Sex CHAPTER 1 – INTRODUCTION TO CUCKOLD What is Cuckolding? Cuckolding simply put is a sex term describing consensual non-monogamy. For the most part, cuckolding is an offshoot of BDSM, and involves humiliation and submission, while for others it’s an offspring from polyamory, where the wife develops feelings and love for her outside partner. Cuckold can also involve the observing partner (who is known as the cuckold) being present in the same room while watching their spouse being sexually pleased by a third party. This happens in many forms such as: 1. Being present in the same room, but not being allowed to join in. 2. In a different room close by so they can hear. 3. Leave home during their session or the spouse goes elsewhere and comes back with pictures/videos/details By now, you’ve probably seen the term cuckold pop up from time to time online such as porn sites. Still, I bet the first time you heard of the word cuckold, you had no idea what it meant. Even though the world has quickly become more familiar to all types of monogamy, polyamory, and anything in between. While you might not tell your friends you are into cuckolding, the fact is, they most likely have already heard of it. Is Cuckolding Growing in Popularity? Pornhub stats of cuckold The simple answer to this is yes, the growth of men wanting to watch their wives with other men has been on the rise and continues to grow each year. As you can see from the stats on the left, the cuckold industry is rapidly going in online searches on tube porn sites. So if you’ve ever thought you were a minority by having a cuckolding fetish, you have no idea how wrong you are. It’s hard to imagine otherwise, especially in this day in age. After all, you don’t hear about alternative romantic relationships such as cuckold in general conversation. When people talk about these types of topics, it’s usually in a derogatory or disparaging way. The truth of the matter about cuckolding is that you want to watch your spouse have sex with other people. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, this is an extremely popular and common fantasy to have for men—and now we have the proof. When researchers analyzed the contents of a billion online search terms. They discovered that “cuckold porn” was only second to “youth” in heterosexual porn searches. The top 3 reasons cuckolding will continue to grow. 1. Changing of Moral Values Moral values are continually changing in people as each year passes. We as humans tend to develop more of a tolerance for lifestyles that are anything but the status quo. This especially is true when it comes to having traditional sex. 2. Biology While it’s a true statement that men have their sexual height around the age of 18, women, on the other hand, has theirs in the late ’30s. So with that huge gap, some married women have already missed the sexual prime of their husbands and don’t get that sexual attention as often as they would like it and therefore are more open to their husband’s cuckolding suggestions. 3. Female Sexual Liberation It is not a real surprise that female sexuality has been, for the most part, suppressed to an extent, and women have been taught by society to be monogamous when dating and married. However, women that feel sexually liberated have a sexual drive that is much stronger than most men. The fact is that women have twice as many sexual nerve endings then men do. The History Behind Cuckolding? The word known as “cuckold” is a bird called “cuckoo”, the reason for this odd name is by what it does. This bird will lay eggs in anyone’s nest but its own, meaning that these birds raise chicks from other birds and not their own. cuckoo bird for cuckold cuckoo bird The term “Cuckold” was first used back in the medieval times for a husband who has an unfaithful wife not knowing, of his wife’s infidelity, would raise the children that he thought was his but was not from him, just as in the cuckoo birds. Fast forward to the 20th century, the new term cuckold now refers to a fetish/kink, that is drastically different from its origins. The significant way it changed is: the cuckold, aka the husband, is fully aware of what is going on. Not only is he aware, but he also has given consent for his partner to humiliation him by having sex with other people. While cuckolding in today’s world describes a husband allowing his wife to have some type of sexual relationship with another man causing humiliation and submitting of the husband. Cuckolding has many different variations meaning it’s not just the husband as the cuckold, the wife can be the cuckoldress whereby she is allowing him to be with other women in a way that causes humiliation to the wife. The Meaning of ‘cuck’ No, it’s not misspelled “chuck” or “fuck” – although there are tons of people calling it that on the internet. The word cuck has its roots tied to cuckold, a term for a husband whose wife is having sex with another man. Men often use the term to insult other men as part of the process. Either the third party or the wife would shame the husband as they would have sex. What is a Cuckold Bull? cuckold bull The term “bull” refers to a sexually dominant male who has become sexually involved with the wife in a cuckold relationship. The “bull” has sex with the wife while they humiliate the wife’s husband. A bull may also be called a cuckold bull, or an alpha male, although this term isn’t used exclusively to describe bulls. Is Cuckolding The Same as Polyamory? Polyamorous cartoon No, cuckolding is very different than other forms of consensual/non-monogamy, as cuckolding is all about the physical act only. You are lending your partner’s body to another person for a sexual act, and nothing more. Polyamory, on the other hand, is where someone has one or more romantic partners and is free to love more than one. Also, polyamory does not involve the spouse watch. The closest thing to cuckold is wife swapping, swinging, or more commonly known as swingers, and this is where couples find other couples to swap sexual partners. The main difference between the terms is in cuckolding; the person observing, for the most part, doesn’t physically participate in the sexual activity vs. swinging they will be involved in a full one partner swap with the other person’s spouse. Why Are People Drawn To Cuckolding? There are many reasons as to why someone might be drawn to the consensual non-monogamy world of cuckold. For some, they introduce cuckolding as their way of combating repetition and or boredom in a relationship, yet they love their partner very much and have no plans on leaving; they just want to spice it up a bit. Sometimes the submission and or the humiliation is seen as a turn-on. Others find that sexual acts with others can strengthen their relationship with their spouse, especially as they can watch their partner from a way they have never seen before, having sex from a distance. Lastly, there’s the jealousy they feel from watching his/her partner being sexually pleased with another person. Strangely as it may seem, this adds a vast, exciting element to their relationship and helps in creating a new dimension to their current sex life. What is a Hotwife? Have you heard of the term Hotwife before? Maybe so, but are you thinking that means someone has a hot wife? Well, a hot wife and a hotwife are 110% completely different. hotwife tattoo cuckold Don’t worry if you’re new to the term “hotwife” and for couples “hotwifing”, then you’re not alone in your confusion. About 95% of people would most likely think like you the first time you heard the term and say it just means a guy is married to a beautiful hot woman, right? Think again. While it certainly could mean that, it’s not always the case anymore. A “hotwife” in this day and age is more likely to be a woman married to a man that approves of his wife having sexual encounters with other men, and on top of that, he also encourages it. Quite the difference from you having a “hot wife” reference everyone else has been used to in the past. These women are not seen as what some might call a typical swinger, simply because the husband stays completely faithful while he allows his wife to enjoy other men sexually. In some cases, the husband will get to watch and maybe even join in on the fun. Unlike swinging, hotwifing is a newer term that has gained tons of momentum over the past few years. “Hot Wife” vs. “Hotwife” hotwife ankle bracelet cuckold A hot wife is just nothing more than an attractive married woman, and that’s it. There is nothing related to sex in there. On the other hand, the term “hotwife” is all about allowing and encouraging your woman to have sex with other men as you stay faithful. Did you know?: That if you see a woman wearing an ankle bracelet on what would be her left ankle, it’s usually a sign that she’s married and she is in an open relationship. These women are sometimes referred to as a hotwife. Do I want my wife to be a hotwife or a cuckoldress? The first thing you need to remember about both roles is being a cuckoldress only happens in the cuckolding world. However, the role of a hotwife can be assumed in any number of situations. Again, when spelled out Hotwife, the “hot” part of the word basically means “slutty”, “available” or “sexually active”, and able to act autonomously from their partner. So yes, hotwives could be part of wife sharing groups, the swinging community, or just engaged in “everyday” adultery. If the wife is the kind of woman who loves sex and isn’t fully satisfied by her partner, then she would be in hotwife territory. How A Hotwife Become a Cuckoldresses So, if a hotwife is a wife that makes herself sexually available to other men and women. How does this affect the cuckoldress community? Simply put, this is a different kind of Hotwife. The woman gets off by humiliating their partner in sexual situations with agreed upon in advance limits. A WOMAN CAN ONLY BECOME A CUCKOLDRESS IF THERE IS A CUCKOLD If the wife is having sex with other men and her husband doesn’t know about it or approve of it, then this is not a form of cuckolding, Here she has her husband’s permission to humiliate him during sex with other men. Are Cuckoldresses Sexual Connoisseurs? cuckold wife floating Cuckoldresses and hotwives can be classified by their views towards sex. Hotwives are motivated by a desire for quantity. They are “addicted to cock” and want as much of it as humanly possible by as many men as possible. They play the slut role in an obsessive way. On the other hand, for the cuckoldress, their mission isn’t for more sex. They just want to have a better quality of sex, the kind that her husband cannot deliver. For many people, the cuckoldress role is a healthier choice for marriage. Just as long as the husband is comfortable as the cuckold, it can be a great way to deal with sexual problems within relationships. That’s not the case for hotwives. Cuckoldresses has the Power woman power sign Another way to see the difference in hotwives and cuckoldresses is in there bedroom politics. The classical “hotwife” isn’t having sex with strangers to make herself more empowered. She is doing it because she needs to fill that desire for cock. It’s in her DNA. For the cuckoldress, it’s completely different. In many cases, the cuckoldresses feel more empowered by their role. She can exert her Power over both the husband and her bull, dominating both sides with her sexual authority. She tends to be the instigator in cuckolding sessions, making decisions about who the bull will be and what limits to impose. It’s all a part of turning their partner into nothing, and for some women, it can be exhilarating. HotWife is a Fantasy for Men; a Cuckoldress is Different When you think about it, there’s a significant difference in where a “hotwife” and “cuckoldress” come from. Who sustains the image of a “hotwife” with a never-ending parade of men having sex with? Is it the women themselves or the men they share their life with? Probably the latter. While the term “hotwife” is mostly a fantasy created by men, a “cuckoldress” is much more complex and the reality. It can be a subversive female role, one which targets the same male desires that create the “hotwife” persona and reduces them to humiliation. Playing the cuckoldress role can be much more demanding and fulfilling. It requires the ability of the woman to use words to humiliate her partner and drive her bull. It requires the physical and mental confidence to dominate their partner, without losing the erotic charges between her and the bull. She will need to have an instinct for the right amount of lighting, the costume to wear or not, and how to entertain strangers; all of this is irrelevant for the hotwife. Hotwives just need a bed and a guy, and sometimes a car will do. To be successful as a cuckoldress, it requires great imagination, remember becoming a cuckoldress is not for every woman, but it could be the role for you if being a hotwife sounds like too much. CHAPTER 2 – HOW TO KNOW WHEN YOU ARE READY How did you get here? So how did it start for you? Was it watching a cuckold porno on Pornhub late at night as your wife was sleeping or did you hear the term on a T.V. Show like Ray Donavan? No matter how you heard about it, you are here, and why? Because the term cuckold keeps popping up and it’s doing something for you so you want to understand more, does that sound about right? Here is a good understanding of what this is all about. husband in bed watching porn No matter how you first learned about the term cuckold, the main question is if you can make it as a cuck. Just because it’s interesting to think about, does not mean you are ready for the world of giving your wife up to someone else. So when you lay in bed at night with your naked wife sleeping next to you, can you see a stranger coming into the room and taking your place in the bed naked next to her, then he would start touching your wife ever so slightly till she starts to get turned on and shortly after she is craving his cock in her and is begging for him to fill her up? If yes, then good, now let’s see how we can take that vanilla wife and make her want to fuck strangers. Here’s why men enjoy being a cuckold and the lifestyle. 1. Men fantasize about their wife having sex with someone else. Naturally, it’s the men who initiate this type of act; however, studies have shown there are even more women who are the courageous ones to come up with this idea. Naturally, as humans, we need variety in our lives. Wanting to have sex with someone besides your partner doesn’t really mean that you are not happy with your spouse at all. For most, It’s just out of sheer curiosity to experience someone new no matter if you know them or not. Men for the most part have always had the desire to watch their spouse having sex with someone else. It gives men a sort of arousal and mental satisfaction at the same time. 2. The husband can improve by learning. Sharing, for the most part, is not always enough for men; to put it mildly, men are strange by nature and always want more. According to 83% of surveyed Kinkyadsmembers, watching their wife have sex with someone else is fun and exciting in itself. In addition, though, many men have reported that by doing so, it gives them ideas on how to improve in the bedroom with their spouse by being in the audience and watching what really works on their woman. Men also like watching porn, that is a fact. Men don’t have the imagination that women have and rarely get off to just their thoughts, but to watch live porn, especially when it involves their wife as the start of the show with some other guy would be a blockbuster hit. Are you ready for cuckolding? Man told no to sex First, you need to consider your own background. In the past, have you cheated on your wife, or wanted to do so? If you’ve been 100% monogamous and you have always assumed you’d have a normal marriage, it’s important to know that once you actually go through with the cuckold act, it’s done, and you can never go back. Once you watch her have sex with another man, that image will stay with you. So no matter if you have cheated on her or thought about it or you have been 100% faithful to her but hoped-for permission to play” so to speak, it’s still a massive step. Do you really want to experience cuckold, or are you just doing this to please your wife? If it’s just to please your spouse, then that doesn’t mean you won’t like it, but you have to remember there’s a possibility you could end up resenting her for doing it no matter whose idea it was. Be ready for some guilt, even if you have fantasized over and over about doing it. The fact of the matter is you will need to be ready for anything you might feel afterward, the good, bad, and anything in between. As I’ve said in other posts, monogamy has always been hard for me even though I did give it a go, only because my husband wanted a traditional style marriage. Even though, I’d had a lot of sexual partners right before I met him, so for me, the idea of restricting my sex to only one person scared me. Still, I gave it a go. Looking back though, I should have known better. Luckily the man I married wanted to be cuckolded from the start, I just really had no idea of how to bring it up to him and he had no idea how to tell me, really, he just needed to ask and that would have been it. It wasn’t as easy as is could have been because I was so conflicted. I wasn’t looking forward to facing the truth, which was I loved sex with strangers and that did not suit me for monogamy, and nor has it ever. Once we both talked it out and got past all that, it was simply the best decision I have ever made. So what I’m saying, even if you really enjoy this lifestyle, the first month or two can be a rocky road. It’s so easy to feel confused. of course, I had expected it, and consider it was a natural thing. Guard your heart Another thing I’d say to anyone looking to enter this lifestyle is to guard your heart. There is no guarantee she will be able to separate love and sex. There might come a day she might find herself falling in love with someone and that could put your marriage in jeopardy. Even if the person she is falling for doesn’t return the affection, she could still question just how much she really loves you. Keep these possibilities in mind from the start and talk about it with her before this even becomes an issue. To be blunt, I would recommend sex as one-night stand or afternoon quickie at first, until you both can get a grasp on how all this will affect you both. With that said, I don’t want you to think of cuckolding in negative terms. If you both can navigate through the emotions for the first few months, you just might see this as the best decision you ever made for the marriage, and your wife will probably agree. It all depends on how far you want it to go, and trust me, what you want today will be different tomorrow as you could want her to be with him more often. I’ve been in a relationship with a different man for going on two years now and he spends a lot of time at our house and has become good friends with my husband. Yes, that contradicts with what I said above about how you have to guard your heart, but for some women, and know I’m one of them, it’s very possible to have an emotional and sexual relationship with another man all while still keeping your husband the king of the hill and in the deepest most secure part of your heart. Bottom line, just take it slow, one step at a time, and always keep an open line of communication with your spouse, and make sure you stop if either of you realizes it’s not right for you guys. Of course, if it is, you both will have one incredibly exhilarating, intensified marriage that vanilla couples will never understand. CHAPTER 3 – INTRODUCING YOUR SPOUSE TO CUCKOLD How to talk to your wife about cuckolding? The easiest way I found is to wait till you both are in the heat of passion and having sex, then you can ask your wife to tell you about someone she fantasies about such as a celebrity, pro athlete, etc. This is the safest way as they are considered unobtainable compared to the guy who works at the bar down the street. Ask your wife to tell you what she wants him to do with her body. Most likely she will say something like I want him to lick me, or have his cock in me. Congrats, you just took a huge step. Now you need to go from the unobtainable to the obtainable. Here are a few simple things you can use to jumpstart your wife If you’re not exactly sure how you go about getting your wife interested in the idea of having sex with another man, then here are 5 steps you might want to start before you go to the next chapter. #1 – (Re)Ignite Your Sexual Bond With Your Wife cuckold happy couple One problem most guys run into comes from the question of why their woman is resistant in regards to moving forward from the fantasy to reality. What she will tell you oftentimes might be true, but that’s not as important as the underneath statement. Get that flame back first and make her feel wanted and desired by you. #2 – Praise Her Kinky Side Every woman has a kinky side. But, every woman’s kinky side is different. For some women, the idea of doggy style is naughty; and for others, being kinky means having sex at a public playground at night and recording it for later. #3 – Have Her Become More Sexual When She’s All Alone A great way to bring out the kinky side in your wife is to have her play when she’s alone. If there is no alone time, then make some for her. The more sex you can give her or the more she gives herself an orgasm, the more she will find herself craving that sexual stimulation. The more she starts to find herself craving sexual stimulation, the more her kinky side will open up and want to play and you already know what that means to you. #4 – Have Her Dress Sexy In Public swinger braless in walmart Have your wife dress sexy, maybe a loose-fitting shirt or braless, maybe take her for a walk around the street or to a dive bar with everyone can see her nipples poke or her breast bounce around. Or maybe a see-through skirt and when the sun hits it, you can see right through it, make her feel sexy, and tell her when other men are looking her way or following you both in the store. Wal-Mart is great for this for some reason. 🙂 The fact that you can get her to show off in public will be a huge turn-on for her, and if you want to add some more pressure, strike up a conversation with another man then call her over and introduced her to him knowing he is getting turned on with her standing in front of him and maybe her nipples will start to grow because it’s a bit cool in the store. This is an amazing time if you never have done it, I would say you have to do it at least once and you will be hooked. #5 – Identify Realistic Goals And Take Baby Steps Just the thought of having sex with someone else can be a bit intimidating for most, if not all women. Just say you were able to handle all of her objections like the husband you are. Then, she still might object, and if you don’t handle this in the right manner then you could have just lost all of the progress you have made. What I’m talking about has to do with her objecting to logistical terms only. The most common logistical objection the members of Kinkyads with regards to cuckolding have run into was around how and where is she supposed to find another guy. If you are stumped at this point it’s okay. What you need to do is to come up with a few different suggestions to be able to offer her, and then you can use her responses as feedback and information to find an even better approach for this to happen. For example, she might be more comfortable with someone off of Kinkyads. Others might find the idea of someone they already know intriguing. There are a lot of options here and this is where you both need to talk through it. Your only job at this point is the find the one (or few) that your wife would be receptive to. CHAPTER 4 – THE EROTIC MASSAGE This story is from Jake in Ohio, a Kinkyadsmember. So I have always wanted to get my wife into the world of cuckold where she would have sex with other men as I thought that would be the biggest turn-on for me. So here is how I made the introduction to my wife into becoming a cuckold and to this day, she is very much into having sex with random men yet I never told her that was my mission from the day I got her the massage. Here is my story Massage sign Several weeks ago, I decided to do something nice for my wife by giving her a gift certificate for a 1-hour massage. I wanted to do something different for her, and it was from some local company just getting started I saw on Facebook. My wife never experienced a professional massage before, so I wanted her to see what it was all about and help her relax. As soon as I told her about it, she was happy, and we agreed we had time this coming Friday night and asked her if she would prefer a male or female therapist to do her massage. She said I guess a man, so I booked the app and requested a male therapist come to our house about 9 pm so she could slide right into bed and go to sleep as soon as it was over. I could tell she was a bit nervous just before he came to the house, but I told her to take a quick shower and wrap up in a towel and relax and enjoy the experience, she had a glass of wine to calm her a bit as she never had this done before but knows people get them all the time. Cuckoldresses in towl before massage My Wife Before The Massage When the doorbell rang, I opened the door, and to say the least, I was pleased to meet a kind, clean-cut young guy who was most likely in his mid 20’s. He came into the family room and got his massage table all set up. I let him know it was her first time and he said that is no problem. Then I went to the bedroom to get my wife, and I introduced her to him as she stood there in her towel. I got hard within seconds, knowing she was naked under the towel. He said to relax, and we can stop at any time. I put on some light, relaxing massage music and told them I would be in my office. I shut the “glass” door that separated the two rooms. The glass door was the door with 6 panels and a curtain over it that you could look through at the right angle. She pointed him to the bathroom to wash his hands, and during that time, she laid down and put the towel over her. So I waited about 10 minutes after the massage started before my curiosity got the best of me, and I had to sneak a peek to see if she was doing ok. It was an amazing view from my office glass door as I was only 12 ft away at best, and it was dark in my office. I watched as he was working on her shoulders and the back area, but I also noticed he started rubbing his hands down the right side of her ribs, and his fingers were touching the sides of her breast as they were against the massage table. I had noticed that he started working his way down her back to do the lower part and kept pushing the towel further down till I could see the top half of her ass started to become exposed. Then I heard him say to her that he was going to do the back of her legs, and he started to pull the towel up to cover her ass and expose all of her legs so he could work on them. I had no idea if my wife knew it or not, but the way he positioned the towel exposed the bottom of her ass, and her vagina was exposed. I noticed from time to time, he would adjust the towel, and at one point, he even went so far as to pull her legs further apart as he was massaging the insides of her legs. The end of the table where her feet were was the closest to my office so I could see from the legs up and see her vagina lips fully exposed to his view. More than once, he would look around while at the table to see if I was coming. Then, he would proceed to bend down several times to get a better look at her vagina, and because she was face down, she had no idea. Stranger turns wife on Me peeking in on the massage I was getting so turned on seeing this man inches away from her lips, and I know he was hard as he would adjust himself from time to time as he was checking out my wife. He started rubbing his hands up her inside legs and sometimes even went up close to her vagina but never actually touched it, just gave her a tease. Soon after, he told her to turn over on her back, and when she did, the towel she had on the top of her ass rolled with her fully exposing her breast for a few seconds. She immediately pulled the towel over her chest, not knowing she exposed her vagina again just a bit. The guy started massaging her legs, and once again, he slowly pushed them apart until he was able to see her again. I was able to see her clit from where I was in my office 12 ft away peeking out, so I knew he was enjoying what he was watching. I guess he thought he would push his luck more, so he asked her if he could do some “leg stretches” on her. She said yes, your the expert she said, and the next thing I noticed was one of her legs was bent, and her knee was pointing straight up as her foot was flat on the table with her heel right up against her ass and the other leg he held the down as he pushed the bent leg over to the side. This position spread her legs “wide” apart, and her lips started to open as his face was about 12 inches away. He repeated this stretch about 5-6 times before moving over to the other side and doing the same treatment and looking in again. Experiencing no resistance from my wife, he went for the grand finale’ by moving to the bottom part of the table and taking one foot in each of his hands. He said he was going to push her legs upward, and she needed to push back for resistance. As she did, her knees were pushed up and apart until they were spread open again, I see her ass was lifted off the table a bit. I was able to see past him enough to see that her vagina lips were wide open, even her ass-hole was exposed for him to see, and he was looking. He did have some kind of a warm towel over her eyes so she could not see. I looked at the clock and realized that her session was to be 1 hour and had gone over by 20 minutes. He then reluctantly told her he was finished and asked her if she liked it, and she said very much thank you. She then called me, and I opened the back office door from the outside, pretending I was coming out from the hall door. I asked her if she had enjoyed it and she said it was amazing and she felt so relaxed. I tipped the guy and thanked him for helping relax her. He grinned and said, any time, you should think about getting them weekly for her. I knew he was saying that he wanted to come back again and I said I would call you again soon. When he left, my wife jumped me like I have been depriving her of sex for months, and we had a very kinky time to put it tamely. That was all the confirmation I needed that she was turned on and had all kinds of thought of fucking him. Top 5 things to remember when setup up an Erotic Massages Kinky 1 Set the Mood – if you’re trying to make it not only a physical experience but a mental one, you must set the mood by making it dark, candles, soft music, and no distractions. I always set massages up in the evening time. Kinky 2 Don’t Directly Watch – As much as you might want to, you will be taking away from the effect. If the not knowing is killing you, then set up a hidden cam or find a way like I did to peek in. Kinky 3 A glass of Wine – Or two before the massage, you need to help her relax as she will be next to naked on the table with a stranger touching her body. This will help relax her nerves so give her a drink of her best liquor of choice. Kinky 4 Use Thin Sheets – I got mine from Amazon, you want to search for Satin or Silk sheets, do not use flannel or microfiber, they are too thick for this. If you can’t find massage sheets, Twin bed sheets that are satin work great. Kinky 5 Direct the Therapist – Make sure your friend, stranger, or whoever is going to do the massage knows the rules, no groping, or inserting, if not a therapist. This is all about the tease and not the shock, just take it nice and slow. After the massage is over you might want to feel her out, maybe when you’re in bed. You can start to get her turned on and then when having sex with her, you can ask her how did she felt knowing he likely saw her nipple through the sheets during the massage. Start with that and see where it goes. When I asked her that, she just moaned and said yes, he was rubbing the side of my tits making me so fucking wet. Then I asked, did you like the fact that he was inches away from your naked vagina? She said yes, I was so turned on. I was thinking YES!!!! Then when you are ready to take the next step, during sex a week or so later you might want to say something like hey baby, I had a dream last night of you fucking the massage guy and I got so turned on by it for some reason. Now, wait, leave it at that unless she replies then you can play on that, otherwise, you need to give her time to process it and I bet it will happen, not that night but over the next few days she will be thinking about what you said and maybe she might masturbate when she is at home alone to the idea of you letting her fuck that massage guy. Congrats on phase two, you got into her head. CHAPTER 5. TIME TO HAVE SEX wife in bed thinking about sex with stranger You are moving right along and she has no idea that you are programming her mind to want to have sex with strangers and becoming a cuckold. Next is to tell her you were talking to a friend or some random person and he asked to watch you both have sex. Again, another major step as you are inviting someone into your home now. You can say, you have been chatting with this guy and he brought it up. See what she says, you can say, he thinks you are hot and would love to watch. Tell her he will not join in but he might want to jackoff during it. See how she feels about that, again after a glass of wine or so. If she is open to this then you set it all up, again low lights, and this time if you have music on then something normal or the tv, maybe she would like to be blindfolded? After she has had some wine tell her about 1-2 hours before he arrives for sex but before you do, make sure the guy you have in mind is ready to come over within the hour. If you give her too much time she might back out. This is where you need to get creative when she is feeling good and it’s close to happening, tell her you got a text from your friend and make something up as to he asked is there any time this week he might be able to watch. Odds are if she is already feeling good she might just go for it and say yes. man watching couple have sex If all goes according to plan, you will have her wanting to have sex with someone in no time, but odd’s are she will not come out and tell you this. This is something you will have to go to her with and you can do so by saying something like, hey remember that massage you had, I have not stopped thinking about it or remember that guy who watched us have sex, etc. Then ask her, how would you feel if we found someone for you to have sex with? That is the magical question. She will ask, you want to watch that? You can reply to her by saying if you want or she can be in the bedroom alone with him and you will be in the living room. Trust me, the effect is about the same, watching vs not watching and wondering. Either way, you will be aroused during it. Maybe, you can set up a camera to watch it from a different room. Some guys get nervous if you watch so to make it go as good as it can, for them not you, then you need to let her have sex with him alone. Don’t worry there will be plenty of pillow talk with your wife for a long time afterward and also once he leaves you can have sex with her. It’s over, it’s done, she went through with it and now her processing has started. For you, welcome to the fabulous world of cuckolding. Remember, the ongoing communication will be needed more than ever before also telling her how proud of her you are will be a huge boost to her ego. Top 5 things to remember when sharing your wife with other men top 5 cuck 1. Talk to everyone who she is going to play with. If she likes it slow don’t bring a bull over or it will not go good for your cuckold future. Make them shower, be clean, and smell good, condoms, etc. Go over her likes and dislikes so they both can have an amazing experience. 2. Help set the mood, this again includes wine for sure if she drinks it to calm her and has water or wine in the room. Try to leave the room or at least leave for a bit so they can be alone. If you get a random guy to come over and he is new to someone watching, he could go soft and not perform. Give them some privacy or hide in the closet or peek in where you can’t be seen. 3. Communication in the world of cuckold is key. The more you communicate the better it will be. This is for him and her. She will need communication after it’s over and maybe days later. You can now tell her about the term cuckold. 4. Reassure her you love her and are so proud of her. The more praises you give her after and not just that night, but days to come, the more she will want to make you happy and do it again. 5. Remember, cuckolding invokes communication and trust. Be open and honest and by following the proven steps to be a cuckold you will be one in no time. I, of course, would not do all this over a week, let’s call this the 90-day plan. I hope you find this helpful and rewarding and I would love to hear your thoughts and or experiences below. If you would like to see more sites related to cuckolding then have a look at this list of top-rated cuckold sites.