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The internet is an attractive place for scams and fake profiles. Nowhere is this more obvious than on advertising sites. Many people use these sites to post ads for fake items. Some take it a step further in attempts to steal sensitive information. In the worst-case scenario, this leads to phishing and attempts to steal money using stolen identities. With ClassifiedAds, we will explore the pros and cons of using one of these advertisement sites for dating.


ClassifiedAds contains several different categories for advertisements. Some categories include homes, cars, hobbies, services, and of course, personal encounters. Similar to Craigslist, the personal encounters section contains links to categories such as “women seeking men”, “men seeking women”, “missed connections,” and “casual dating.” But you’ll have to put some effort in if you actually plan to find someone on classified ads. 


Of all the ads, it seems that about 25% are posted by large companies, while the rest appear to be real people. But these profiles offer little information or proof that legitimate people posted these ads. A lot of the messages posted by these profiles appear to be from porn stars, but with a closer look, many seem to repost from other sites. For example, the missed connections section is full of ads that seem unnatural for a person legitimately looking to find another person. This snippet is an example of some of the fishy ads we found:

Note that the site warns users to be careful of potential scams, so the burden of research is on you, the user!


One useful part of the ClassifiedAds is the blogs sections. This provides info about things like job openings, which while not sexual, could still be potentially helpful to you 

But if you’re reading this review, a new job is likely not your top priority. You want sex, and for that, ClassifiedAds is definitely lacking. From what we found, it’ll likely be a lot easier to find a job or new car on the site, then someone to hook up with.


So what good comes from using Classified Ads? Well, users get information that could potentially point them to other casual dating websites. Also, it might be good practice at determining real posts vs scams. Last, the site provides helpful advice on watching for scammers.If you’re really lucky, there’s also the slim chance you’ll find someone near you legitimately looking for a sexual encounter. But you also have to weigh the cost of potentially getting scammed or wasting time. While we think you’d likely find better prospects elsewhere, if you feel inclined to try ClassifiedAds, let us know if you scored in the comments section below.