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Tinder, Bumble, Christian Mingle, the list of potential dating sites are endless. Despite this, we can all agree on one thing: It’s much easier to hook up in a big city than in a small town. Or is it? Most of us probably think so. Big cities should mean more options to choose from. But despite this, many people in big cities are on their own and have difficulties hooking up. While online dating has helped tremendously, there has yet to be a site dedicated for urban-based dating. That is, until City Sex. So what are your chances for casual dates on City Sex? Check out our review below to find out.


While City Sex makes registration easy, some of the site’s features did leave us with questions. One thing that did concern us was the site’s unsecure nature, and the frequent exposure to third-party sites. Any links or profiles that are clicked on unfortunately have the potential to hold scams for users. 

There is also very little in terms of customer or technical support for City Sex. Having a support system would greatly improve the trust users would have in City Sex. Considering the prevalence of online scamming in internet dating, City Sex is severely lacking in terms of customer security.

Another huge problem for City Sex is the prominence of fake profiles. These profiles were created to simulate user activity on the site. But for those looking to find a real hookup, these profiles are a huge annoyance. There is nothing more frustrating than starting a conversation, only to find out the person you’re talking to doesn’t even exist!

While City Sex has a few good qualities, like its web design, and specific niche, the presence of fake profiles and lack of customer support make this a difficult website to rank highly. Because of that, we don’t feel that City Sex belongs in our top ten ranking of dating sites to try. 


City Sex’s free accounts are lacking in terms of features. However paid members are offered massive discounts for buying subscriptions in bulk. City Sex charges are massively discounted, so while a user who pays for one month would spend thirty bucks a month, the same user would pay twenty for the same month if they bought a six month bundle. Below is a list of City Sex’s basic price rates for membership:  

  1. 3-Day: $2.97 ($39.95 monthly)
  2. 1-Month: $29.95 monthly
  3. 3-Month: $24.95 monthly
  4. 6-Month: $19.95 monthly


While City Sex has some positives, like easy registrations and decent features, we found the website had many issues. From potential scams, expensive pricing, and little customer support, we don’t believe City Sex is a good dating website for users to try. Because of this, City Sex ends up on the bottom of our ranking list for top rated dating sites to try. Have you tried City Sex? Comment below and tell us what your experience was!