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Ashley Madison Review for 2021

84 percent of people cheating on their partners said they do it out of “self-care.” There is a variety of reasons some people step out of their marriage to look for other relationships. Especially when stuck in quarantine, the appeal of a new partner can be very enticing. But without the help of the internet, it could be difficult to locate potential new partners who are willing to keep things discrete. This is where Ashleymadison.com comes into play. You may have heard of it but been apprehensive about signing up for such a site. That’s why we put together this Ashley Madison review. Though Ashley Madison is one of the more well-known dating sites, it prioritizes discretion above all. It is safe and highly-confidential—great for casual dating. While the concept may seem taboo, it serves as quite the popular dating app among spouses. It is unlike other dating sites in this way—there is a given understanding from the start that there are no strings attached. Keep reading for more of the Ashley Madison review and to see if it fits your lifestyle. Ashley madison reviews Ashley Madison Review—Overview Ashley Madison was created in 2002 and is based out of Canada. There are over 60 million users across 50 countries. The site boasts an average of 17,000 new members daily. Most of the traffic comes from large nations, including the USA, UK, Canada, and Brazil. Currently, 19 languages are supported on the site. Most users of Ashley Madison are looking to spice up their married life with a secret affair. Maybe they want to satisfy their desires, or maybe they are feeling unfulfilled in their current relationship. Perhaps, they are just curious about what else is out there. Whatever their decision to join, Ashley Madison prides itself on being a judgment-free zone. In the past, it was frowned upon for women to be sexually adventurous, but much has changed since then. Moving forward, it is becoming much more acceptable for women to explore their sexualities. This includes non-traditional relationships. Ashley Madison is a great place to explore these options. The platform has a website or dating app available to both iOS and Android systems. The app carries the same features as the desktop version, with a non-suspicious icon. The user interface is modern, visually appealing, and easy to navigate. Signing up is quick and free. From there, you can spend money to boost your membership status if you desire. Of course, discretion is of the essence. The dating app does not ask for your name. Instead, you pick a unique username to go by. Creating an Account When you first create your account, you designate what type of relationship you are after and which gender(s) you are attracted to. From there, you describe yourself and what you are looking for in a partner. You should get detailed here and mention what you are looking for both in a person and a sexual partner. The next step is to upload a photo. If you want to skip this, you may. However, those accounts with pictures tend to get more attention. If you are looking to keep your photo private, you can blur the image or add a mask. While discretion is key, it’s also important to be honest on your profile. This way, there is no miscommunication throughout the process. After your profile is complete, you can click around and explore the other members on the site. You can poke around the site, send winks, and “like” certain profiles, all for free as a standard member. To take the next steps, a further membership is necessary. Memberships Female members of Ashley Madison get to use the site for free. Unfortunately, male members are not so lucky. Unlike a normal monthly subscription, male users on the site can purchase credits to boost their membership status. The costs are as follows: – Basic – $59 for 100 credits – Classic – $169 for 500 credits – Elite – $289 for 1,000 credits These credits let you access all of the site’s features. You can boost your profile’s visibility and remove restrictions on messaging. You can also gain access to the traveling feature and the guaranteed affair package as a premium member. Features For free members, there are various features available. After checking out the site, you can make a list of your favorite profiles. Up to 100 profiles can get saved to this list. After exploring the free version, you may decide to upgrade to the next level. Premium membership allows for more advanced features. Traveling Man/Woman This feature is good for travelers looking to meet a partner in a new city. Using this feature allows you to message people in this location. You can plan a date in this area, with suggested activities provided. You can also select languages and what type of person you are looking for in the new city. This way, there will be no surprises—even when traveling overseas. Affair Guarantee Package One of the most distinctive features of Ashley Madison is the affair guarantee. They truly want to satisfy each customer and create positive dating site reviews. Through this effort, they have guaranteed the success of their service. Essentially, the site guarantees you will find an affair within your first three months on the site. If you don’t, they will refund money spent on the dating app. Priority Mail Using the priority mail feature can help get your profile noticed more quickly by female members. Messages sent will go directly to the top of the recipient’s inbox. When they read the message, you will be notified. You can also send gifts to other members on the site with a premium membership. This is an easy way to get the attention of other members. Priority Man Status Full-status members can have their profile placed among the first three in the search results. So when women search for men, your profile will be one of the first ones they see. This greatly increases the chance of getting your profile noticed by female members. Pros of Joining Ashley Madison There are many positives that we’ll list on this Ashley Madison review that may encourage you to join the site. The site is easy to use, with casual yet respectful members. One of the biggest pros of joining is the notion that everyone is on board with the secrecy aspect. Discretion is not just encouraged—it’s required. Everyone knows what they are signing up for, so outside relationships will not come as a surprise. Also, on the privacy note, another benefit to Ashley Madison is that you can choose how much you share. You can mark some photos for private viewing only. Access to these photos can be revoked at any time. The site is also beneficial beyond just looking for an affair. Due to the nature of the site, it opens up the possibilities for those interested in nontraditional relationships. On Ashley Madison, monogamy is just as accepted as polygamy. Open relationships and multiple sexual partners have a place, as well. It’s also a great place to explore kinks—like cuckolding, for example. Ashley Madison is a great platform to locate partners who are interested in these types of relationships. Cons of Joining Ashley Madison Just like Adult Friend Finder, the complaints of the site is that it is free for women but not men and the spam. While this is designed to encourage female sign-ups, it can be frustrating for some men. On this same note, another detractor is that there is an uneven ratio of female to male members. There are significantly more males than females. This may be discouraging for some male members. While the dating app encourages a high level of secrecy, this results in members failing to create very detailed profiles. This may turn off some members who want to do a more thorough screen before sending out a message. Bad Publicity No Ashley Madison review can go without mentioning some of the bad publicity the site has garnered over the years. Of course, the nature of these types of dating sites draws some negative attention. Since it is designed to promote cheating, some argue this is unethical. However, Ashley Madison managed to gain additional negative attention after a 2015 data breach where a group of hackers stole 32 million user records. Over the next few years, this data was used to extort users who had their data compromised. Since then, the company has made major changes. They removed their CEO, beefed up their security, and rebranded. While the aftermath of this scandal was rocky, the site’s growth has continued to explode over the years. Taking the Next Step After reading this Ashley Madison review, you may decide to make an account of your own. To start, it’s recommended that you use a different email from your main one. Create a throwaway account that does not contain any personal information. This way, you can start off on the right foot and exercise discretion right off the bat. If you’re looking for further opportunities to join a social network of adults who enjoy casual encounters—join Kinkyads today!