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  1. You can't beat FREE.
    They say the best things in life are free... and so is Kinkyads.
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    You can upload literally THOUSANDS of photos and as many videos as you can make, as fast as you can make them.
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    Looking for a casual encounter, or a little something more? Kinkyads supports ALL your goals.
  5. Fun, support and everything in between.
    Kinkyads is a true community - meaning that it can be anything you want it to be, whenever you want it to be that, no exceptions.
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  9. 9. Create albums that stand the test of time.
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  10. Real experiences, real people - no matter what.
    Stop dealing with trolls and don't worry about bashers. Kinkyads is filled with real people who just want to have a good time.
What people are saying about Kinkyads
  1. “Craigslist's Casual Encounters is gone... but thanks to Kinkyads, we don't need it. This is more than Craigslist ever was - this is a true community in every sense of the term.”
    — Jewel, 36F (Boulder, CO)
  2. “"We're talking about more than just a hookup site, here. This is a dating site, a casual dating site and more - all rolled into one."”
    — kink11 43M (Las Vegas, NV)
  3. “I'm a woman and I love the idea of adult arcades. This is a part of my life that I've always kept secret, but now thanks to Kinkyads, I can embrace it. I don't have to hide it anymore, and that's something I'll always be thankful for.”
    — Shay 23F Switch (Denver, CO)
  4. “More than anything, I love that I can show my true colors without getting judged by people. I'm finally just accepted, and that feels GREAT.”
    — Mike (aka Jamie) 22CD (Miami Beach, FL)
  5. “As a married couple, we were searching for a place to find others who were ready to play. Whether we're at home, whether we're traveling, it didn't matter. Kinkyads supports it all, and the experience has been TERRIFIC.”
    — Sam and Penny 40M/41F (Dallas, TX)
  6. “As a guy seeking casual encounters often I have truly found this to be an amazing community. I am excited to see it grow and get bigger.”
    — Mike 33 (Green Bay, WI)